Child Victims Act a “GO” if Democrats Gain Majority in NY State Senate

child-victims-act-timothy-dolanIn Albany NY, Democrats are looking to pass a Bill that allows child sex abuse victims to find justice as adults easier. This Bill is very important to the Democrats and look to pass this law immediately if they win Democratic State Senate majority during the fall of 2016.

Senate Deputy Democratic Leader Michael Gianaris said this is the case to investor, Gary Greenberg, founder of Fighting For Childrem political action committee.

Gary Greenburg, is himself a sexual abuse survivor who said, “We’re expecting it to be one of the first bills brought up in January.” He also was was quoted, “He said the Democratic caucus is behind it.”

Mike Murphy, a State Democratic Spokesman, has not disclosed when the bill would come to fruition, however he has expressed that it is highly important to Democrats.

Mike Murphy was also quoted saying, “Their enabling of sexual predators must end once and for all.”

The new bill will eliminate any time limit that a victim can bring a charge against their abuser. Currently, a victim can only press charges until their 23rd birthday, thereby ending many cases that should be or stay open. The Child Victims Act is a Democratic measure they hope will find justice for People of any age that just haven’t come forward within the allotted time frame.

Currently, there is a difference in policy regarding private and public institutions. For instance, a victim who was attacked at a school must file a notice of intent within 90 days of the incident. Furthermore, Daily News is leading legislators towards providing a one year window to reopen old cases and to alleviate these differences between private and public institutions.

Opposition to the one year extension have been met with resistance from some legislative Democrats, as well as Senate Republicans. These same representatives also support treating public and private institutions the same and support as different bill, which simply extends the statute of limitation to abuse cases to 5 years.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan is trying to implement a new program that will cover victim’s legal time limits to open a case that has expired.  His program is seeking to compensate sex abuse victims that were attacked by clergy and might impact this new piece of legislation.

Senate Republican Majority Leader John Flanagan was quoted saying, “This is a new component” and “How that would be construed in our conference would be a very important subject of our discussion.”

“Our members take these issues very very seriously”, said Flanagan, who expects to maintain Republican control of the Senate.

“I take what the Cardinal and the Church have done as a positive step and have every expectation we will have ongoing discussions on a matter we feel is very important”, he has told Daily News. “The details of these types of things are extremely important”.

Democrats who had broken away from their usual agenda with Republicans in 2011 have also supported the Child Victims Act, along with Sen. Jeffrey Klein. Also backing the measure is Marisol Alcantara, another Democrat from New York.

Sen. Klein is slated to meet with Gary Greenberg on October 20th.

Senate Democratic candidates, Alcantara, and incumbent Todd Kaminsky of Nassau County have all been supported by Greenberg’s PAC.

The GOP still holds control of the NY State Senate with 31 Republicans out of a 63 member chamber.  A few Democrats, like Sen. Simcha Felder from Brooklyn sits with Republicans, unlike Klein’s group.

Klein needs at least 2 or 3 more Democrats to join his team if they will stand a chance of entering into a new joint leadership coalition who would achieve control of the chamber. Klein has 5 members so far, while there are 26 true blue democrats sitting in the chamber, currently.

Greenberg emailed, “I think (current Senate Democratic Minority Leader) Andrea Stewart Cousins will be a new majority leader and will get victims (the Child Victims Act)”

Greenberg is supporting Peter Magistrale October 12th, with a new rally on the issue in Flanagan’s district.

Governor Cuomo had requested a meeting with Greenberg to discuss the issue, who has declined. This comes after the wake of many of Cuomo’s associates being arrested on bribery and fraud charges, while Cuomo was not indicted or implicated.

Many Advocates believe that Cuomo is sincere in making the Child Victims Act a priority and supporting it in 2017.

Child sex abuse survivors, like Kathryn Robb, and other advocates in recent months have met with Cuomo a few times on the issue.

Kathryn Robb was quoted, “The governor is clearly committed to legislation that would allow all victims to have their day in court”. She also said, “I believe it’s in his heart. It’s not just a statement. It’s a heartfelt and thoughtful position by the governor. I believe his word and I believe this is a priority for him in the next session.”

The Governor believes there is a need for an in depth piece of legislation and thinks that victims of clergy abuse, such as Dolan’s diocese, is a good first step.

Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi was quoted, “We must continue to work to ensure all victims have the opportunity to get the justice they deserve and this means a global legislative solution”.

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