Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Complications Lawsuit in Washington Will Move Forward, Reports Alonso Krangle

Efforts by Intuitive Surgical to get a Da Vinci robotic surgery complications lawsuit dismissed have recently been shut down by Washington courts. This case alleges that Intuitive Surgical did not adequately train doctors on how to operate with these devices and that the lack of Da Vinci robot surgery training caused a patient to sustain serious injuries.

Da-Vinci-Robotic-Surgery-Complications-Lawsuit-Lawyers-Alonso-Krangle-LLPAlonso Krangle reports that Intuitive Surgical has lost a petition to have a Da Vinci robotic surgery complications lawsuit filed in Washington State, thrown out of court. Despite the fact that attorneys for Intuitive Surgical had argued that federal regulations do not require the manufacturer to train physicians on how to operate with the Da Vinci robot, the judge in this case rejected this claim and determined that Intuitive Surgical is required to sufficiently train doctors to use the Da Vinci surgical robots. As part of this ruling, the judge also specified that the plaintiff, namely the family of a patient whose death was allegedly caused by Da Vinci robotic surgery complications, is entitled to try to obtain damages for the “harm allegedly caused by the improper marketing of the Da Vinci surgical system.”

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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Complications Lawsuit

The complaint for this case (Estate of Fred E. Taylor v. Intuitive Surgical, 09-2-03136-5, Superior Court, State of Washington, Kitsap County) contends that a member of the plaintiff’s family underwent Da Vinci robotic surgery in 2008 to have his prostate removed. The surgeon performing the procedure had allegedly done only two prior Da Vinci robotic surgeries, and these operations had been done under the supervision of surgeons who were experienced with the Da Vinci surgical robots. The patient’s prostate removal was allegedly the first Da Vinci robot surgery the operating physician had ever performed without supervision. Due to the surgeon’s lack of Da Vinci Robot training, court documents allege that he bungled Da Vinci robotic surgery and severely injured the patient. The specific Da Vinci robotic surgery complications that the patient sustained reportedly included a 1-inch tear to his rectum, severe kidney damage and brain damage, and that these injuries allegedly resulted in the patient’s death.

The Da Vinci robot surgery complications alleged in this case are a small window into the vast number of alleged Da Vinci robot injuries and deaths that have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, the alleged problems with Da Vinci surgical robots have led to at least 4,600 injuries and at least 80 deaths, according to the FDA.

One of the most common factors cited for causing Da Vinci surgery complications is the lack of training for surgeons using these devices. Specifically, those who have pointed out problems with Intuitive Surgical’s inadequate training have highlighted the fact that the industry currently does not have any standards defining what is considered to be sufficient training before surgeons are deemed ready to operate on patients with Da Vinci robots. Additionally, others have pointed out that, although surgeons proficient with Da Vinci robots estimate that it takes hundreds of surgeries before becoming adept with these devices, Intuitive Surgical only offers two to four days of Da Vinci robot training on cadavers (some of which are animal cadavers).

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