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Whistleblower-Lawsuit-Lawyer-AttorneyBecoming a whistleblower is not an easy decision. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP understand the difficulties presented to a potential whistleblower. We are committed to helping whistleblowers understand what is involved in taking this step. Call us and learn what your rights are. We will advise you and help make sure you comply with the deatilsed requirements of the False Claims Act.

There are differences to filing a False Claims Act case as compared to other lawsuits. The person with the information is referred to as a “relator” and the lawsuit that is filed on their behalf is filed “under seal”. This means that the lawsuit is not available to the public as is normal with an ordinary lawsuit. The lawsuit cannot be discussed with anyone other than the government or agents of the government who are charged with investigating the case. The defendants, the company or individuals, that the qui tam lawsuit is brought against, are not told about the lawsuit. The False Claims Act allows the government to investigate the case without signaling the defendant. The seal lasts for 60 days but is regularly extended for as long as several years. The government then decides at the end of this period that the case is under seal whether they wish to join the case or “intervene”. If the government chooses to intervene, they join the attorney for the whistleblower and handle the case together. The government attorneys take the lead and the case is unsealed and moves forward. If the government chooses not to intervene, then the whistleblower’s attorney may elect to proceed with the case.

There are several specific things that make a False Claims Act case different than another type of lawsuit. Filing the complaint under seal is one of them. Being the one to file the claims that you are alleging first is another. So, it is important for you to consult with attorneys who have handled these cases. Don’t hesitate, call us for a confidential consultation today.

The False Claims Act entitles whistleblowers to compensation from anywhere from 15 to 30 percent of the amount the government recovers as a result of the qui tam lawsuit. By allowing for this recovery, potential whistleblowers are encouraged to come forward and risk reporting the fraud.

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If you are considering becoming a whistleblower, Alonso Krangle LLP can help. We offer free whistleblower consultations if you have knowledge about fraud, or whistleblower lawsuit evaluations to potential False Claims Act whistleblowers. You can talk to our whistleblower lawyers about any questions or concerns, what whistleblower protection is available to you, and how to proceed. Our whistleblower lawyers will fully review your case in detail, help you with understanding the whistleblower laws, and ensure you comply with the detailed requirements of the False Claims Act. For more information, please fill out our online form or call 1-800-403-6191 today.