Survivor of Sexual Child Abuse?

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child sexual abuseA new digital advertisement has been procured by a survivor of sexual child abuse, that implores other victims and those who support the Child Victims Act, to reach out and contact Governor Cuomo, Senate leader John Flanagan and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. “Call them out” read the words across the ad, along with pictures of the governor, senate leader and speaker with their contact numbers. The survivor who purchased the ad, did so in hope that the Act will be passed as part of the state budget that will be held next month. The advertisement will continue for three weeks on the New York state news website, the Empire Report.

Different translations of the Child Victims Act have been passed in the past by the Democratic Assembly, but unfortunately it was short lived, and ultimately failed in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Included in Cuomo’s budget is a proposal that not only allows the adult to seek justice from their abuser when they were a child, but also grants the opportunity to appeal for legal action against any institutions and organizations that may have played a part in the abuse whether it be by protecting the said abuser, or by neglecting to protect the victims who were being mistreated.

The attorneys at Alonso Krangle urge you to contact your state leaders so that the Child Victims Act can be passed in New York. Many sexually abused victims do not report their abuse until well into adulthood, and their abusers never are tried for their heinous crime or held accountable for what they have done. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle are committed to holding abusers and the organizations who abetted them liable for their crimes. If you are a victim of sexual abuse or ANY form of abuse, you deserve to have your voice heard and an opportunity to rebuild your life.

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