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child abuseWe are only a countable amount of days left before the state budget is finalized and passed. For child abuse survivor, Mary Ellen O’loughlin of Ganesvoort New York, it weighs very heavy on her and her family if or not the Child Victims Act would be passed or not. The bill would allow O’loughlin to seek justice from her step-father, after undergone years of abuse by him as a child.

The Child Victims Act allows victims to have their day in court with their abusers, even if the abuse occurred years ago in childhood. Most sexually abused children do not come forward until adulthood (or sometimes, ever).

“For someone that you trust to violate your body… it’s devastating.” Mary Ellen says. “I look back at pictures and they’re sad pictures. Those are not memories that I want,” she follows. But it is not her own traumatic past that haunts her every day. She lives with the fact of knowing that she was not the only one being abused in her household, but her siblings as well.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Mary Ellen has been a therapy patient for years due to her abuse, and now she is ready to face her abuser and file against him. However, this would only be possible if the Child Victims Act is passed in the budget.

Assemblywoman, Patricia Fahy has come out in support for this bill to be passed. Fahy stated that she wishes our politicians would sympathize more with victims, rather than the pedophiles. The passing of this bill would be a giant step towards that.

The budget will be closed this Sunday, on Easter. Advocates for the bill say that they will continue to pursue their rights if it is not passed.

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Child Victims Act 2

Child Victim Act

Child Victim ActCardinal Dolan continues the path of most resistance in regards to the specifics in the Child Victims Act. Dolan urges Gov. Cuomo to disallow child victims to introduce crimes committed against them in the past. Dubbed the “look-back window”, which is believed by the Cardinal and by others of the Catholic Church, that it would be toxic for the church to endure allegations from the past. Dolan was quoted after his hour long meeting with Cuomo stating that “The look-back window we find to be very strangling…when that happens, the only organization targeted is the Catholic Church”.

There are different versions of the Child Victims Act bill, however they both include the look-back window. The window in question would allow an extended time frame for victims of child abuse to seek justice against their offenders, years after the abuse had taken place.

Cardinal Dolan is not the only one opposing the look-back window. The GOP-controlled Senate also is against it, after setting up road blocks for the bill to pass for years. Dolan is supportive of other versions of the Child Victims Act bill, but only the version that does not include the window.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Supporters of the bill hope to see the “window” as a part of the redefined budget. In an effort to move the legislation forward, before the deadline, April 1st of this year, advocates have been lobbying Senate Republicans in their home districts.

Kat Sullivan, was raped in 1998 by her teacher while attending an up-state NY all-girls school. Sullivan released a statement earlier saying, “Is it a lookback or priest raping kids that is toxic? I’m just trying to figure out which causes more damage to society,” Sullivan said. “I think the words of a man who knowingly impedes a bill that would provide due process to citizens currently being excluded should be ignored because he represents an institution that not only violated children, but actively worked to cover it up and suppress.”

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Child Victims Act

sexual abuse

sexual abuseDemocrats in the Senate held a recent press conference in another attempt to push the Child Victims Act into the budget. The bill would extend the statute of limitations for sex crime victims, giving them the opportunity to report the offence until they turn 28 years old. Data shows that in the state of New York, one in five children are sexually abused.

Some Republicans extended their support but still, differences in agreement continues to remain an issue between the two parties.

A term known as the “look back window”, is defined as the one-year window, allotted to victims to come forward no matter much time has passed since they were abused. It is this clause that the Catholic Conference say they do not support in full. The Director of Communications stated “While we continue to oppose the retroactive window, the Bishops of New York State strongly support the complete elimination of the criminal statute of limitations.” The director went on to state at the NYS Catholic Conference that they are more focused on prevention of abuse and punishments for offenders and strongly support the elimination of the statute of limitations.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

The Democrats believe that without the ‘look back window’ clause, the child victims act is simply, incomplete, and is useless, and is included in the Cuomo’s budget.

Many sexually abused victims do not report their abuse well into adulthood and their abusers are never tried for their unforgivable crime. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP are dedicated and committed to holding abusers and organizations that abetted them, liable for their actions. If you have been subjected to any form of abuse, you deserve to have your voice heard and an opportunity to rebuild your life. Please call us today at 800-403-6191 or through our website at to set up a consultation and review your legal rights.


Microsoft Fired nearly Two Dozen Employees Due to Sexual Harassment Complaints

sexual harassment at work

sexual harassment at workIn just one year, the mega-company, Microsoft fired nearly two dozen employees due to sexual harassment complaints that were filed against them. A top resource executive stated that from June 2016 to July 2017 almost 100 grievances were recorded to the HR department. Kathleen Hogan, the current chief people’s officer at Microsoft stated, “Nearly 50% were found to be supported in part or in full following the investigation, and more than half of these resulted in termination of an employee who engaged in unacceptable behavior”. This founded data was placed into a memo and sent out to all Microsoft employees in hopes that previously thought notions that Microsoft has a lenient attitude or has a relaxed approach toward sexual harassment after unfavorable declarations in a court document was released.

The court document exposes 238 complaints due to sexual harassment and discrimination filed by a former female Microsoft employee during the course of six years. The lawsuit then goes on to state that only one out of the 118 complaints that were filed, was deemed “founded” by Microsoft’s relations investigation team.

Hogan hopes that the new memo will encourage employees to come forward with their complaints in the future, and that Microsoft will explore and look into each and every case that is presented to them.


The following types of behavior is considered to be sexual harassment but not limited to:

-Repeated sexual innuendo, inappropriate jokes, remarks

-Sexually natured emails, letters, texts faxes etc

-Sexually natured threats, insults etc

-Unwanted attention

-Sexually suggested gestures or sounds like whistling.

-Sexual pictures in the workplace like pornography or suggestive cartoons/pictures

-Unwelcomed touching of any kind


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Product Liability Lawsuits Due to Faulty Hernia Meshes

hernia mesh

hernia meshA new lawsuit has been filed against C.R Bard INC. and it’s subsidiary company, Davol INC. by a Missouri woman claiming she developed critical and painful adhesions due to a defective hernia mesh implant. Bard and Davol are just a one of many medical manufacturing companies that have been slammed recently with product liability lawsuits due to faulty hernia meshes.

Rebecca Eli of Missouri filed a complaint in the U.S District Court on February 14th 2018 after the Bard Ventralex ST hernia Patch was inserted in attempt to heal an incisional hernia post-surgery. The hernia device failed which then required Eli to undergo hernia mesh revision surgery which would not be the last surgery she would have to undergo due to the doctor’s discovery of notable adhesion formation.

“As a result of the defective design and/or manufacture of the ST Bard Mesh, there was an unreasonable risk of severe adverse reactions to the mesh or mesh components including: chronic pain; recurrence of hernia; foreign body response; rejection; infection; scarification; improper wound healing; excessive and chronic inflammation; allergic reaction; adhesions to internal organs; erosion; abscess; fistula formation; granulomatous response; seroma formation; nerve damage; tumor formation; cancer; tissue damage and/or death; and other complications,” the complaint states.

The FDA 510k program had cleared the device to make available for sale without clinical trials being conducted on humans.
If you or someone you love is suffering for a faulty or defective hernia mesh device, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP specialize in product liability claims and will assist you in receiving the justice you deserve. There are currently hundreds of lawsuits filed against medical device manufacturers at the moment.

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Detroit Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

nursing home abuse

elder abuseAn extremely disturbing video has surfaced from a hidden camera placed by a concerned family member in a Detroit nursing home earlier this week. Elderly patient, Salim Younes had been under the care of Autumnwood facility, after bowel obstruction surgery in 2015. Prior allegations had fallen on deaf ears, his son Hussein had felt, until he planted a camera that was disguised as an alarm clock, in his father’s room in an attempt to expose the abuse he believed his father was subjected to due to his unexplained bruises on his body. What he discovered was absolutely heart-wrenching.

In the video it shows a care taker physically and verbally assaulting Salim Younes. The Autumnwood employee is shown jerking Younes’ head back and forth telling him to “shut up” whilst roughly throwing him into his bed. She is also heard saying to another caretaker that she “does not care if he falls out of bed”.

The Younes family attorney claims that Salim was targeted specifically due to his racial background. The female employee shown in the video also was said to have been fired from prior care facilities and nursing homes before this video was surfaced.

Autumnwood’s attorneys state that they were notified in 2015 by the Younes family that they were concerned that their loved one, Salim was being abused during his stay. However, an investigation was put in place and reports were made to local police but were not able to go further with the case due to lack of evidentiary support. With the release of the video from the hidden camera, Autumnwood has terminated the employment of the persons identified in the film. The civil case trial is scheduled June 2018.

If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected while under the care of a nursing home, it is important to document all relevant details of the episodes. The nursing home abuse attorneys at Alonso and Krangle LLP have years of experience handling nursing home abuse cases. We understand the worry and pain it causes families and we can help you file nursing home abuse reports and legal claims against employees and care centers that have displayed any negligence or abuse.

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Former Google Employee is Suing the Company for Sexual Harassment


employmentA former employee of Google is suing the major company for sexual harassment that she endured while working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley until she was fired in 2016. Loretta Lee alleges that she endured sexual harassment, gender discrimination and employment termination on unjustified grounds.

Lee was forced to be the victim of a series of pranks conducted by her male co-workers. On one occasion she claims her drink was spiked at a company holiday party by a fellow employee at Google. Sexual comments and also unwanted physical contact are just some of the things Lee experienced in her eight years working at the company.

On one very disturbing occasion, Lee had been startled by the discovering of a male employee under her desk upon arriving in her office. It was unclear as to what he was doing under her desk, but obviously made her very uncomfortable and she attempted to report the matter, which displeased her co-workers. They retaliated by refusing to sanction her code which resulted in her termination in 2016. Reason being? Poor performance.

Google spokesman, Ty Sheppard made a statement regarding Loretta Lee’s allegations, claiming that Google has consistently strong principles and approaches against workplace sexual harassment and that every complaint and violation is closely under review when reported.

Federal and State laws require every workplace to be void of any type of harassment and discrimination. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP are experienced in representing clients in employment-related circumstances. We offer professional and customized legal assistance to all of our clients. The law provides several solutions to employees who are victimized by discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

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Former Long Island Priest, Michael Hands Committed Suicide Awaiting Sentencing for Sex Abuse Indictments


priestA former Long Island priest, Michael Hands, committed suicide in his jail cell upstate early Tuesday morning while awaiting sentencing on recently developed sex abuse indictments. Hands had previously served time in prison for molesting a 14-year-old Long Island boy in the summer of 2011.

In 2002, Hands became a witness in a grand jury that ended up producing an almost 200-page report accusing priests that belong to the Diocese of Rockville Centre, of decades long child abuse. No one was sentenced during this exploration and unfortunately, the statues of limitations had become void.

Michael Hands’ unexpected suicide occurred only days before his March 1st court appearance, where he was meant to be sentenced after pleading guilty back in January to two counts of third-degree sexual abuse. Hands was facing up to eight years in prison for this crime. Hands admitted to having sex with a child under the age of 17 on different occasions. He confessed he met the underage victim on the internet and then proceeded with the inappropriate relationship in person where it then became physical. He was regarded as a Level 3 sex offender.

In 2001 the Diocese of Rockville Centre suspended Hands after he was arrested for the allegations. Because of his cooperation with authorities, he was presented with just shy of two- year jail term.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

A disturbing detail of the abuse is that Hands befriended the family of the 14-year-old boy that belonged to his parish where he practiced as a priest. He later plead guilty in 2003 to charges of sodomy.

While the families of the victims might feel some relief and justice due to Hands’ demise, there are many victims that feel silenced and afraid to speak out about the abuse they have undergone by the hands of a prominent , popular figure such as a priest or any other high ranking person that is widely respected in the community.

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