Child Victim Act 3

We are only a countable amount of days left before the state budget is finalized and passed. For child abuse survivor, Mary Ellen O’loughlin of Ganesvoort New York, it weighs very heavy on her [...]

Child Victims Act 2

Cardinal Dolan continues the path of most resistance in regards to the specifics in the Child Victims Act. Dolan urges Gov. Cuomo to disallow child victims to introduce crimes committed against [...]

Child Victims Act

Democrats in the Senate held a recent press conference in another attempt to push the Child Victims Act into the budget. The bill would extend the statute of limitations for sex crime victims, [...]

Product Liability Lawsuits Due to Faulty Hernia Meshes

A new lawsuit has been filed against C.R Bard INC. and it’s subsidiary company, Davol INC. by a Missouri woman claiming she developed critical and painful adhesions due to a defective hernia mesh [...]

Former Long Island Priest, Michael Hands Committed Suicide Awaiting Sentencing for Sex Abuse Indictments

A former Long Island priest, Michael Hands, committed suicide in his jail cell upstate early Tuesday morning while awaiting sentencing on recently developed sex abuse indictments. Hands had [...]