Detroit Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

elder abuseAn extremely disturbing video has surfaced from a hidden camera placed by a concerned family member in a Detroit nursing home earlier this week. Elderly patient, Salim Younes had been under the care of Autumnwood facility, after bowel obstruction surgery in 2015. Prior allegations had fallen on deaf ears, his son Hussein had felt, until he planted a camera that was disguised as an alarm clock, in his father’s room in an attempt to expose the abuse he believed his father was subjected to due to his unexplained bruises on his body. What he discovered was absolutely heart-wrenching.

In the video it shows a care taker physically and verbally assaulting Salim Younes. The Autumnwood employee is shown jerking Younes’ head back and forth telling him to “shut up” whilst roughly throwing him into his bed. She is also heard saying to another caretaker that she “does not care if he falls out of bed”.

The Younes family attorney claims that Salim was targeted specifically due to his racial background. The female employee shown in the video also was said to have been fired from prior care facilities and nursing homes before this video was surfaced.

Autumnwood’s attorneys state that they were notified in 2015 by the Younes family that they were concerned that their loved one, Salim was being abused during his stay. However, an investigation was put in place and reports were made to local police but were not able to go further with the case due to lack of evidentiary support. With the release of the video from the hidden camera, Autumnwood has terminated the employment of the persons identified in the film. The civil case trial is scheduled June 2018.

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