Child Victims Act

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sexual abuseDemocrats in the Senate held a recent press conference in another attempt to push the Child Victims Act into the budget. The bill would extend the statute of limitations for sex crime victims, giving them the opportunity to report the offence until they turn 28 years old. Data shows that in the state of New York, one in five children are sexually abused.

Some Republicans extended their support but still, differences in agreement continues to remain an issue between the two parties.

A term known as the “look back window”, is defined as the one-year window, allotted to victims to come forward no matter much time has passed since they were abused. It is this clause that the Catholic Conference say they do not support in full. The Director of Communications stated “While we continue to oppose the retroactive window, the Bishops of New York State strongly support the complete elimination of the criminal statute of limitations.” The director went on to state at the NYS Catholic Conference that they are more focused on prevention of abuse and punishments for offenders and strongly support the elimination of the statute of limitations.

The Democrats believe that without the ‘look back window’ clause, the child victims act is simply, incomplete, and is useless, and is included in the Cuomo’s budget.

Many sexually abused victims do not report their abuse well into adulthood and their abusers are never tried for their unforgivable crime. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP are dedicated and committed to holding abusers and organizations that abetted them, liable for their actions. If you have been subjected to any form of abuse, you deserve to have your voice heard and an opportunity to rebuild your life. Please call us today at 800-403-6191 or through our website at to set up a consultation and review your legal rights.