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NuplazidIn June 2016, Acadia Pharmaceutical company released and distributed an atypical antipsyhoctic drug called Nuplazid which is manufactured to treat episodes of psychosis that those suffering from Parkinson’s disease is brought on by decreasing the severity and limitation of delusional episodes and hallucinations that disconnect the patient from reality. The FDA followed an expedited review of the product in which Nuplazid had shown tremendous and notable promise in treating hallucinations related to Parkinson’s disease. A six-week test study of 200 patients suffering from Parkinson’s related psychosis. The FDA labeled the drug as a “breakthrough therapy” product due to the patient’s drastic improvement after taking the medication. This test was done in comparison to other similar drugs on the market.

While it sounds like a miracle drug, it turns out it is anything but. Not long after the release of the product, patients’ family members and doctors began reporting adverse effects, such as insomnia, accidental falls, nausea, extreme fatigue and even death (Over 700 deaths have been reported). In over 1,000 other reports patients that were still taking Nuplazid were still experiencing episodic psychosis. These effects were all linked to Nuplazid.

Acadia and the FDA stated that the medications benefits far outweigh the potential risks involved and that Nuplazid is a necessity for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease psychosis. Acadia believes there is such a high number of deaths because patients suffering from psychosis are already at developed stage of the illness, which means there is a high probability of dying from the disease not the medication.

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