Workplace Sexual Harassment: McDonald’s

Employees of the mega-chain fast food restaurant, McDonald’s are claiming that they have been the victims of workplace sexual harassment by their employers and co-workers. The company states that [...]

Child Sex Abuse Compensation

The State Senate Republicans offered a legislation last week that would give victims of child sex abuse compensation from public money, payoffs from offenders and institutions where the abuse [...]

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

The family of an elderly woman who was sexually assaulted during her time as a resident in a nursing home in Akron, Pennsylvania. was awarded $7.5 million by a Lancaster jury. After four hours of [...]

Hernia Mesh Products Update

The Journal of the American College of Surgeons have come out with a new study suggesting that hernia mesh products that are on the market today, are lacking important information that could [...]

The Child Victims Act – Update

This week, Assembly Democrats have again voted to pass a bill to allow survivors of child sex abuse to seek justice as grown adults. Senate Republicans have been notorious to make sure this bill [...]