Compensation of Victims of Sexual Crimes

sexual abuseA new version of the Child Victims Act would create a pathway for the compensation of victims of sexual crimes due to a local Baltimore advocate for legislation that would also remove the statute of limitations.

Gary Greenberg of New Baltimore has been a long-time advocate for the Child Victims Act bill and has been a supporter of the new bill that was just recently introduced by state Senator Catharine Young, republican. The new version of the bill would allow compensation which would afford victims to seek financial reparation through a civil court.

The Comptroller’s Office would look after these funds and will be financed by the state asset-forfeiture. With this money, victims will finally be able to file suits which will be followed by a team of expert investigators. After 90 days, a decision will be made following the filed claim and then compensation will be offered 20 days after the decision has been made.

“In the last six weeks, law offices were placing advertisements calling for people who could bring civil suits,” Greenberg said. “But in a lot of cases the abuser is useless or has no affiliation with any organization, and so lawyers are not taking cases because there is not enough money to gain.” He added, “Twenty percent of child sexual abuse cases fall into that category”

The provision in the bill will provide a one-year-look-back window for adult survivors to receive funds from their abusers and institutions that may have hidden or covered up the abuse. $300 million dollars will be allocated within the first year for compensation and %5 of the fund for each year thereafter.

A website is in the works that will publish the names of the sex crime abusers that are found guilty and responsible during the claim filing process. This is for the purpose of accountability, however, the case might not have a chance of being presented in front of a civil court.

State Sen. George Amedore Jr., Republican is a strong supporter for this bill and stated, “This bill is an important step forward to pass the Child Victims Act before the end of session. We continue conversations on this important issue and I am hopeful we will be able to come to an agreement so that victims that have endured this horrible abuse can finally get the justice they deserve.”

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