Senate Committee Bill: Child Sex Abuse Victims

child victim actSenate Republicans pushed a substitute bill giving easier access for child sex abuse victims to receive justice as grown adults and as of June 5th, it has cleared a key committee. This is the very first time a Senate committee has pursued the bill, however many advocates are not comforted by this passing.

“This bill makes a mockery of real justice for victims,” said Child USA head Marci Hamilton. On the heels of that comment, Gary Greenberg, another sex abuse victim, stated that the bill’s passage is “a huge victory for all victims ever abused in New York. This will lead to a full Senate vote and negotiations with the legislative leaders and Gov. Cuomo to pass a Child Victims Act that will benefit all victims and out all predators,” Greenberg said.

Republican Senator Catharine Young would have the state apply a $300 million fund to give to victims who have used asset forfeiture money that’s currently managed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Hearing officers would investigate any complaints that are brought to the fund and would then determine how much money would be allocated to these victims.

Some advocates claim that this alternate bill is underfunded and would give protection to predators and institutions they worked for, because they would not be the one paying restitution.

“This is a phony effort to get coverage for the issue as they go into the elections,” said Democrat Senator Brad Hoylman. “The idea that you would cap awards and provide cover for institutions that are engaged in wrongdoing is a non-starter in my mind.”

Greenberg stands by his statement and assures them the fund will provide ample financial compensation to victims who have been sexually abused outside of schools, churches and other institutions, but to also friends and family members. It is often that these are the cases that are financially unable to pay their victims.

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