The Atrium C-Qur Mesh MDL has its first bellwether trial scheduled

meshThe Atrium C-Qur mesh MDL has its first bellwether trial scheduled for February 2020 by order of the U.S District Judge McCafferty. This will allow both plaintiff and defendant to better understand how the jury will respond to evidence and testimonies that may play a recurrent role throughout the trial.

The C-Qur mesh was manufactured with an Omega 3 coating and intended to prevent or reduce the formation of scar tissue while serving as a fixture to the abdominal wall – post-surgery. The device was first introduced into the market in March 2006. Nearly 500 patients have reported severe complications due to the faulty device including but not limited to; pain, infection, inflammatory responses and bowel adhesion. Reports of death have also been included in reports.

Allegations filed to the court system claim the hernia device was simply poorly designed and that they were given a defective product that has proved to be dangerous. Complicated surgical procedures to remove the device after implantation is only the first step, but unfortunately permanent damage could have already been done.

Due to the rise in number of these cases, the U.S Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation created a fixed, consolidated pretrial proceedings for all Atrium C-Qur cases in 2016 in the District of New Hampshire. This was established to prevent duplicative reports of recurrent issues, and to assist both parties, witnesses and the legal system.

Both parties are ordered to produce 8 cases each, by June 20th for the preliminary discovery pool. Plaintiffs are required by the court to finalize a Plaintiff Fact Sheet by September 18th 2018. A Defendant Fact Sheet in each case must also be completed by the manufacturer in question by December 17th 2018. After these cases are examined thoroughly, the number of claims will be cut in half, leaving the Plaintiffs with four and the Defendants with four. Completion of expert discovery of these claims is expected on September 20th 2019.

The bellwether trials are an attempt to aid in acceleration for hernia mesh settlements across the U.S as opposed to hundreds of individual cases and trials.

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