Chesterfield, Virginia County Bar: Allegations of Sexual Harassment

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sexual harassment at workA Chesterfield County bar in Virginia is under fire now for allegations of sexual harassment. Female employees are alleging their assistant manager propositioned them for sex on a constant basis.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit last Friday against Daisy Dukes and Boots Saloon suggesting the bar holds a hostile work environment for female employees. According to reports, physical and verbal harassment both took place.

The owner of Daisy Dukes and Boots Saloon, Kimsan Yin, told reporters that his mistakenly put his trust in the wrong people and is now dealing with the outcome of that choice. “You work day in and day out and put your entire savings into it and could be torn down even though you’re not the one doing it,” said Yin.

The alleged harassment occurred from September 2016 through June 2017. According to the lawsuit, a male assistant manager sexually harassed female employees until they could not take the abuse anymore and quit after the assistant manager reduced their working hours after several complaints were made.

Yin claims he was knowledgable of only one allegation and felt as though the matter was being handled appropriately by his general manager. “Regardless if he wanted to fire somebody, I just had to back him up and trust his judgment that he’s doing the best decision,” said Yin.

The EEOC states that the Chesterfield bar violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits sexual harassment and retaliation against employees who address it to higher ups in an attempt to protect themselves and their job security. The former female employees are seeking compensatory and punitive damages along with injuctive relief for prevention of any discrimination and harassment that may occur in the future in the workplace.

Kara Haden, regional attorney for the agency’s Charlotte District Office said in a press release, “The EEOC is committed to enforcing the law when employers tolerate this type of sexual harassment in the workplace. Employees should not be forced to tolerate sexual harassment in order to keep their jobs.”

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