How Nursing Home Staff Shortages May Affect Your Loved Ones

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How Nursing Home Staff Shortages May Affect Your Loved Ones

Concern over the abuse and neglect of nursing home residents has led to a startling discovery about a major contributing factor to these incidents. At least 95% of nursing homes are understaffed and that shortage of personnel may be the reason behind incidences of abuse and neglect. Since states place staffing requirements on such facilities, this can result in certain employees being compelled to work significant overtime hours.In fact, many nursing home abuse attorneys who fight for victims blame understaffing for serving as a catalyst in abuse and neglect cases. 

Causes for Neglect or Abuse

When people are compelled to work double shifts or excessive hours of overtime, they become tired, overly stressed, and often feel frustrated. In fact, when a nursing home abuse attorney questions a nursing home staff member about allegations of abuse, the individual often blame forced overtime and an understaffing for causing them to become abusive. The staff members often feel rushed in dealing with each patient, which can cause them to mistreat or mishandle patients. 

Additionally, staff members only have a limited amount of time to spend with each patient in order to complete all of their duties. This may mean residents aren’t getting the attention they need. In some cases, immobile residents, who need more frequent attention, may be neglected altogether. 

Get Legal Help

While some of the signs of neglect are fairly easy to spot, some symptoms are a little more difficult. However, if you notice that your elderly loved one has severe bed sores, seems dehydrated or malnourished, or seems to not have been assisted with personal grooming, it may help to speak with a nursing home injury lawyer. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle, LLP are experienced and know how to fight for victims of abuse and neglect. It is unlikely that the nursing home caring for your loved one will correct understaffing problems on its own but consulting a knowledgeable and skilled attorney can help you to help your loved one.