NJ Surgery Center Exposed Patients to Bloodborne Infections

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Medical Error at Surgery Center Illustrates the Need for Legal Assistance

In a frightening lapse of medical propriety, nearly 4,000 patients of a New Jersey surgery center may have been exposed to serious infections. The victims of this lapse may consider taking legal action against those responsible, but they will need the services of medical malpractice lawyers to ensure that they are treated fairly under the personal injury laws of New York. They can find such assistance from the law firm of Alonso & Krangle LLP. 

Blood Tests Recommended for Patients 
Those who received various forms of treatment from the facility during the first nine months of 2018 are considered at risk for two types of the hepatitis virus and of HIV. The mass exposure of patients to these viruses apparently resulted from the failure of staff members to properly clean and sterilize medical instruments and related equipment. The New Jersey State Department of Health has advised these patients to obtain blood tests as soon as possible. 

Taking Legal Action 
The facility where the error occurred was closed down after the discovery, opening again after it hired new staff members and changed its procedures. In addition to requiring additional medical care, the patients involved may be eligible for financial compensation, but they should first seek help from New York medical malpractice attorneys. 

Understanding Medical Malpractice 
In addition to administrative errors such as the one at the surgery center, acts of medical malpractice may occur in many ways, including the following: 

•Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a disorder 
•Surgical mistakes 
•Medication errors 

In these and other cases, the victims may seek financial compensation to cover medical bills and related expenses. However, they will need legal representatives who will vow to fight for victims. This is why medical malpractice victims should consider contacting the law firm of Alonso & Krangle LLP.