Will Insurers Pay Sexual Abuse Claims from Lawsuits Against the Catholic Church?

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Will Insurers Pay Sexual Abuse Claims from Lawsuits Against the Catholic Church?

In New York, sexual abuse by priests, rabbis, ministers and other clergy have been a tremendous problem. The New York Child Victims Act, opens a window of opportunity for victims of sexual abuse to bring lawsuits for older cases.  This window will open on August 14, 2019 and last for one year.

The New York Archdiocese is preparing for the claims, looking to the courts to compel 32 insurance providers to provide coverage.  The claims of sexual abuse by churches and schools in New York Archdiocese could be massive. The diocese indicates it has paid premiums for years, perhaps decades, and coverage should be provided for victims.  Without coverage, the Diocese may not be able to pay claims and may be forced to close churches and facilities throughout the region.

If insurance companies litigate with the Archdiocese and deny coverage, this could extend the litigation process for years to come.

It is anticipated that 2,500 people or more may file suit under the New York law. These cases primarily relate to the clergy sexually abusing children.  These cases could amount to tens of millions of dollars – or more.

In the one diocese alone, there are approximately 300 incorporated parishes and 200 schools operating today.

Thus far, more than 300 cases have received settled for more than $60 million.  But those settlements represent a small portion of total claimants, with the number waiting for the law to take effect expected to be far higher.

If You Have Been Abused by the Clergy, You Are Not Alone

For decades people suffered in silence from sexual abuse by priests and the clergy, alone and unable to speak up.  With this change in the law, victims will have the opportunity to recover for the horrible acts that were done to them.

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