New York Adds 1 Year Statute of Limitations for Survivors of Child Sex Abuse Cases

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As reported by CBS News, New York State has instituted a law allowing victims of childhood sex abuse to bring lawsuits against the perpetrators. Many of these victims suffered 30, 40 and even 50 years ago. At the time, little was done to protect children and predators were allowed to escape justice.

This law, the New York Child Victims Act, creates a one-year window of opportunity for victims to bring lawsuits. With so many suffering, it is expected that thousands of lawsuits will be filed.

Those who advocate for survivors anticipate a “tidal wave of litigation” for sexual abuse lawsuits against priests and churches, synagogues, mosques, public and private schools and organizations such as the Boy Scouts.

“What has happened to so many is truly disgusting,” notes attorney David Krangle. “Children were the victims of sexual abuse and then the victims of the failing justice system. Finally, these victims, many of whom have suffered for decades, can bring a claim and seek closure.”

The law firm Alonso Krangle LLP represents victims of childhood sexual abuse and is actively pursuing claims on behalf of victims.

If you or a loved one suffered at the hands of the clergy, a teacher, scout leader or other individual with responsibility for your well-being, you may have a claim.

For example, JoAnn Schoonmaker was allegedly raped repeatedly by a janitor at her school at age 11. CBS News reported that despite her cries for help to the principal, she was simply instructed to stay away from the janitor. No action was taken, law enforcement was not contacted, and the child was offered no protection.

“Cases such as these are true nightmares,” adds Andres Alonso, partner at Alonso Krangle LLP. “It is our role to fight for victims, and that is precisely what we will do. The New York Child Victims Act gives a rare window of opportunity for people to seek justice. It is imperative that they come forward now before they lose that opportunity.”

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