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April 2024: Blog Posts, Articles & News

Image of wooden block with words 'Product Recall'.

Recent Defective Product Safety Recalls (April 2024)

Recent Product Recalls and Your Safety Product recalls are crucial measures taken by manufacturers and regulatory agencies to protect the
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Wooden blocks on a rustic table spelling out the word 'recall,' surrounded by other scattered alphabet blocks.

Defective Product Safety Recalls

Recent Safety Recalls in the Consumer Market: Understanding the Risks and Remedies Product recalls are issued to protect consumers from
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A person's hand removing a glossy black air fryer basket from the main unit positioned on a kitchen countertop.

Air Fryer Recalls and Injuries

Air Fryer Recalls: What You Need to Know Over the past three years, air fryers have become a staple in
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An elderly man in a burgundy shirt, sitting with his head bowed, hands clasped at the back of his neck in a posture of contemplation or fatigue.

Is New York Doing Enough to Deter Nursing Home Abuse?

Alarming Rise in Nursing Home Violations Across Long Island Raises Concerns A distressing incident at a Southampton nursing home has
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