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Adult Survivors Act: Compensation For Sexual Abuse Injuries

The Adult Survivors Act Opens the Door To Compensation For Sexual Abuse Injuries

The New York Adult Survivors Act became law on May 24, 2022. It provides a look-back window for sexual abuse victims to file civil lawsuits regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred.

If you were over 18 when you were sexually assaulted or abused, you will have one year to file a lawsuit against your abuser and the institution, organization, or entity that failed to protect you. The one-year period will begin in November 2022 and end in November 2023.

The ASA is modeled after the Child Victims Act (CVA). New York passed the CVA to give survivors of childhood sexual abuse a similar window to file lawsuits against their abusers and the entities that covered up or failed to respond to the abuse. The ASA recognizes that it is not just child victims that need time to process the depth of their abuse and injuries. Adult victims of sexual abuse require the same consideration.

It is well-documented that victims of sexual assault and abuse suffer deep, lasting physical and emotional trauma that can affect the entire course of their lives. Regardless of how much time has passed, filing a claim against your abuser can bring some relief from the injuries caused by sexual abuse.
Whether that relief is from a compensation award or the satisfaction of facing your abuser in court, pursuing justice can help sexual abuse survivors with their healing process.

What Are Some Common Injuries Caused by Adult Sexual Abuse?

Injuries from sexual abuse and sexual assault can be physical or emotional. There can be short-term and long-term injuries. The true impact of sexual abuse can depend on various factors such as:

  • The relationship between the victim and the abuser
  • Length of time over which the abuse occurs
  • The extent of physical harm
  • The nature of psychological and emotional abuse
  • The victim’s experience with authorities, friends, and family related to the abuse

These factors are often related to the injuries sexual abuse victims suffer and contribute to the degree to which they can “heal” or move forward to live a healthy, happy life.

Some common injuries from a sexual assault that manifest right away or over several months and years can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Injuries to the uterus, cervix, vagina, or anus
  • Self-blame
  • STD
  • Bleeding
  • Shame
  • Depression
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Mood disorders
  • Sleep disorders/nightmares
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Guilt
  • Reproductive injuries
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Addiction to alcohol
  • Self-harm, violence against others
  • PTDS

These injuries can do more than impact the victim physically and emotionally. They can result in expensive medical bills, difficulty maintaining or seeking employment, financial instability, and even criminal behavior.

How Can The Adult Survivors Act Help Victims of Sexual Abuse?

Filing a lawsuit against your attacker or the entity that failed to protect you will not magically cure your injuries. But, it can provide you with financial compensation to help make your healing process easier. Having the financial resources to find the right treatment or to relieve some of the burdens you have been carrying can allow you to focus on your recovery. Holding your abuser accountable for harming you might help you move forward on your road to good health.

Call Our New York Adult Survivors Act Lawyers for a Free Case Evaluation

Alonso Krangle, LLP, is reviewing claims that fall under the Adult Survivors Act. If you were the victim of sexual abuse or assault when you were 18 or older, call us at (800) 403-6191 to find out if you can take advantage of New York’s new law.

It does not matter how long ago the sexual abuse took place. Even if your sexual abuse lawsuit was previously time-barred, you might still be entitled to use the one-year look-back window and file a claim. Call us today for your free Adult Survivors Act lawsuit evaluation.

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