Child Victims Act 2

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Child Victim ActCardinal Dolan continues the path of most resistance in regards to the specifics in the Child Victims Act. Dolan urges Gov. Cuomo to disallow child victims to introduce crimes committed against them in the past. Dubbed the “look-back window”, which is believed by the Cardinal and by others of the Catholic Church, that it would be toxic for the church to endure allegations from the past. Dolan was quoted after his hour long meeting with Cuomo stating that “The look-back window we find to be very strangling…when that happens, the only organization targeted is the Catholic Church”.

There are different versions of the Child Victims Act bill, however they both include the look-back window. The window in question would allow an extended time frame for victims of child abuse to seek justice against their offenders, years after the abuse had taken place.

Cardinal Dolan is not the only one opposing the look-back window. The GOP-controlled Senate also is against it, after setting up road blocks for the bill to pass for years. Dolan is supportive of other versions of the Child Victims Act bill, but only the version that does not include the window.

Supporters of the bill hope to see the “window” as a part of the redefined budget. In an effort to move the legislation forward, before the deadline, April 1st of this year, advocates have been lobbying Senate Republicans in their home districts.

Kat Sullivan, was raped in 1998 by her teacher while attending an up-state NY all-girls school. Sullivan released a statement earlier saying, “Is it a lookback or priest raping kids that is toxic? I’m just trying to figure out which causes more damage to society,” Sullivan said. “I think the words of a man who knowingly impedes a bill that would provide due process to citizens currently being excluded should be ignored because he represents an institution that not only violated children, but actively worked to cover it up and suppress.”

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