The FDA Warns That Lorcaserin May Cause Cancer

Dangerous Diet Drug Lorcaserin

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Lorcaserin is a drug used for weight management. It is sold under the names Belviq and Belviq XR. In an announcement on Medpage Today, Senior Editor Crystal Phend tells consumers that the United States Food and Drug Administration ( the FDA) has cautioned the public about lorcaserin, and its possible link to increased cancer risk.

Why Do Doctors Prescribe Lorcaserin and Belviq?

It is a drug prescribed to help a patient with weight loss. The FDA approved Lorcaserin in 2012, after initially rejecting it due to lack of sufficient safety data. The FDA approved it “for use with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity to help weight loss in adults who are obese or are overweight and have weight-related medical problems.”

Belviq is a pill that works by inducing feelings of fullness. This feeling of fullness results in patients eating less food. Belviq XR is the same as Belviq, just in the form of an extended-release tablet.

How Big is the Risk of Cancer From Lorcaserin?

Phend notes that the FDA has not quantified the risk of cancer from taking lorcaserin. Nor has the FDA indicated what type of cancer patients might be at increased risk of developing. In their drug safety communication, the FDA wrote: “At this time, the cause of the cancer is uncertain, and we cannot conclude that lorcaserin contributes to the cancer risk.”

What Should You Do if You are Taking Belviq or Belviq XR?

The FDA recommends speaking with your health care professional if you take lorcaserin. You should ask about and discuss the cancer risks associated with the drug. You and your doctor should consider the benefits and potential dangers of taking lorcaserin and decide what is right for you.

Contact Our Dangerous Drug Lawyers if You Developed Cancer While Taking Lorcaserin

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