Former Google Employee is Suing the Company for Sexual Harassment

Former Google Employee is Suing the Company for Sexual Harassment

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employmentA former employee of Google is suing the major company for sexual harassment that she endured while working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley until she was fired in 2016. Loretta Lee alleges that she endured sexual harassment, gender discrimination and employment termination on unjustified grounds.

Lee was forced to be the victim of a series of pranks conducted by her male co-workers. On one occasion she claims her drink was spiked at a company holiday party by a fellow employee at Google. Sexual comments and also unwanted physical contact are just some of the things Lee experienced in her eight years working at the company.

On one very disturbing occasion, Lee had been startled by the discovering of a male employee under her desk upon arriving in her office. It was unclear as to what he was doing under her desk, but obviously made her very uncomfortable and she attempted to report the matter, which displeased her co-workers. They retaliated by refusing to sanction her code which resulted in her termination in 2016. Reason being? Poor performance.

Google spokesman, Ty Sheppard made a statement regarding Loretta Lee’s allegations, claiming that Google has consistently strong principles and approaches against workplace sexual harassment and that every complaint and violation is closely under review when reported.

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