Hernia Mesh Complications Cause Injuries

Hernia Mesh Complications

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Hernia Mesh Can Cause Severe Complications

Hernia mesh is used to repair hernia injuries surgically. Here, we will look at some of the complications that result from the use of hernia mesh. There are over one million hernia repair surgeries performed in the US annually. About 90% of them utilize hernia mesh.

Complications do not always occur, but when they do, they can cause pain, infection, and the need for additional surgeries. These severe complications are at the heart of lawsuits people are filing against the makers of hernia mesh.

Hernia Mesh Migration

Reports indicate that hernia mesh can migrate to unintended parts of the body. It may break apart or detach completely. The hernia mesh then attaches itself or adheres to an organ or skin where it does not belong. Migrating hernia mesh can cause pain, inflammation, obstruction, fistula, and more. It often results in the need to remove the mesh and repair the damage surgically.

Bowel Obstruction from Hernia Mesh

When hernia mesh adheres to the intestines or migrates through the body, it can cause a painful bowel obstruction. If a bowel obstruction is not immediately treated, it can cause part of the intestines to die.

Bowel Perforation from Hernia Mesh

Hernia mesh can puncture the bowel or erode into the bowel. It can also puncture the abdominal wall or other organs if it migrates.

When the bowel perforates, bacteria-containing fecal matter escapes into the body and bloodstream. The result? Inflammation, sepsis, and sometimes death. Sepsis can become fatal very quickly, which is why bowel perforation requires immediate medical attention.

Hernia Mesh Adhesion

Hernia mesh is coated with a substance that is supposed to prevent it from sticking to unwanted surfaces. At times, the material does not work properly, or scar tissue develops that causes the hernia mesh implant to adhere to other organs or tissues. Adhesion occurs most often when hernia mesh is used to repair abdominal hernias. When hernia mesh becomes attached to a patient’s intestines, the result is often painful and results in an intestinal blockage.

Infection and Rejection of Hernia Mesh

Anytime you put a foreign object inside the body, there is a risk of rejection. Hernia mesh is a foreign object, and, although rare, the body can reject it outright. Symptoms of implant rejection are similar to those of an infection, which is also a risk associated with hernia mesh. Both often require removal of the hernia mesh.

Hernia Mesh Failure

Depending on the type of hernia mesh used, how long it is in your body, and other factors, it may not prevent your hernia from recurring. Hernia mesh does not always stand up to the pressure of a hernia. It might rip, come off, or migrate. The result is that you might need surgery to remove the defective hernia mesh AND additional surgery to repair your recurring hernia.

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