Practice Fire Safety During This Holiday Season

Holiday Fire Safety

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Don’t Let a House Fire Ruin Your Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, we get to experience many joys that we look forward to all year long. Sitting by the fireplace, hanging stockings from the mantle, putting up lights, and other decorations are common activities during the winter months when the days get short, and the air becomes chilly.

It is important that during this season of joy, we remember to be safe. Fire is of particular concern during the winter holidays. Happy family gatherings can become dangerous in a split second if we do not pay attention to certain risks and ensure the safety of our loved ones and property.

What Are Some Common Causes of House Fires During the Holidays?

Some of the most common items involved in fires around holiday time are the following:

  • Christmas Trees
  • Electrical Lighting
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Candles
  • Cooking Holiday Meals
  • Fireworks

It is typical for more than one of these factors to contribute to a house fire and the injuries or deaths that follow. For example, the National Fire Prevention Association reported that of all fires that began with a Christmas tree, approximately 25% of them started because a heat source, like a candle, was too close to the tree. The same is true for approximately 45% of fires involving holiday decorations. About 20% of cooking fires, which peak annually on Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, involve some type of holiday decoration too close to the stove.

What Can You do to Keep Your House Free From Fire this Holiday Season?

Based on the statistics, you must maintain a safe distance between candles and other heat sources and anything that can catch fire, such as a tree, decorations, furniture, and curtains.

The Red Cross offers these tips for fire safety during the holidays:

  • Use electric or battery-operated candles
  • Use a fireplace screen and keep all materials several feet away from the fireplace
  • Never leave embers or candles burning when you leave the house or go to bed
  • Always leave at least 3 feet between a fire source (candle, fireplace) and anything that can catch fire
  • If you use a real Christmas tree, be sure to keep it watered
  • Use a power strip for your lights
  • Throw away frayed or worn out light strings
  • In the kitchen, practice safety by keeping towels, grocery bags, and children away from the stove and oven

Contact Us if You Suffer Injuries in a Fire

It is our sincere hope that you and your loved ones will enjoy a safe, healthy holiday season. Accidents happen, however, and if there is a fire, you may be able to hold someone liable for your injuries.

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