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How to Deal with Nursing Home Abuse

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nursing home abuseMillions of people make the difficult to decision to put their loved ones in a nursing home. These people trust that their loved ones will be well taken care of. However, nursing home abuse is a common occurrence. If you have a loved one who is in a nursing home, then you will need to recognize the signs of nursing home abuse.

Unexpected Hospitalization
Nursing home patients are often hospitalized because they are in poor health. However, if your loved one is hospitalized and there is no explanation for it, then this is something that you want to investigate. This can be a sign of abuse.

Unexplained Fractures and Bruises
Fractures and bruises are clear signs that indicate someone has been injured. If your loved one has bruises and fractures, then you should investigate this. The injury may be caused by physical abuse or neglect.

Bed Sores
Bed sores can develop if a person stays in the bed too long. However, this is a problem that can easily be prevented with the right care. Bed sores may be a sign that your loved one is being abused or neglected.

Fear of Nursing Home Staff 
Does your loved one seem like they are afraid around certain staff members? If so, then this may be a sign of abuse.

Rapid Weight Loss 
If someone is being cared for properly, then they should maintain their current weight. Rapid weight loss may be a sign of depression. It may also be a sign that one is being deprived food.

What to do if Your Loved One is Being Abused

  • Report the abuse to the authorities, the patient’s primary care physician and social worker.
  • Arrange for your loved one to get care somewhere else.
  • Contact a New York nursing home attorney.

Reasons to Call a New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 
A New York nursing home attorney can help you file a claim against the nursing home. They can help you gather all of the documents that you need. Additionally, lawyer can help you get compensation for your loved one.