Johnson & Johnson Rushes to Test Talcum Powder for Contamination

Johnson & Johnson Tests Talc for Asbestos Contmination

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Johnson & Johnson Rushes to Test Talcum Powder for Asbestos Contamination

Fox Business published an update on its website about Johnson & Johnson (J & J) and their rush to conduct testing on talcum powder products. J & J conducted independent tests after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found asbestos in some of its talcum powder. Asbestos is a carcinogen that can be quite harmful to humans. Talc and asbestos are both minerals found in nature that tend to in close proximity. During the mining of talc, cross-contamination is a real possibility. J & J voluntarily recalled some of its talcum powder after the FDA’s findings.

Some accuse J & J of “rushing” their tests and that the quick turnaround may have impacted the results. J & J has defended its decision to seek independent testing, citing the desire to “better understand” the FDA findings.

Lab Finds Asbestos in Talcum Powder… Then Doesn’t

The first tests J & J conducted by one lab revealed that asbestos was present in the baby powders samples. The lab, however, quickly recanted on their findings. The lab said that because J & J wanted the tests performed quickly, they were forced to conduct them in a room also used to test for gunpowder residue. The Wall Street Journal reported that the results were compromised due to contaminated air quality in the testing room. Subsequent tests conducted by this entity found no asbestos in the talcum powder samples.

J & J sought the help of a second lab to conduct additional sample testing on talcum powder. J & J used the preliminary test results of this lab to publicly announce on October 29 that their talcum powder was, in fact, asbestos-free. Was this announcement premature? Perhaps.

If nothing else, the results are confusing. It is not clear if the finding of asbestos can be “chalked up” to cross-contamination.

J & J is Facing Thousands of Talcum Powder Lawsuits

J & J may have rushed to conduct independent testing to “fend off” 16,000 lawsuits filed by people who allege that talcum powder causes cancer. Some of the plaintiffs in these lawsuits are women who developed ovarian cancer. Others are individuals who developed mesothelioma from accidentally inhaling or ingesting talcum powder.

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