Many New Yorkers Have Sued Revel Scooter Sharing Service for Negligence

Lawsuits Against Revel Scooters Being Filed by New York Residents

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Lawsuits Against Revel Scooter Sharing Service Are Increasing

At least seven lawsuits have been filed against Revel by people claiming they suffered severe injuries because of “shoddy” scooters and other problems. Revel is a scooter or moped sharing company with a fairly significant presence in New York, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

Their popularity increased during the pandemic as people sought faster ways to get places without getting into a cab or Uber. For just a few dollars, as long as you hold a valid driver’s license, you can hop on a Revel with a passenger and head to your destination.

Revel Riders Have Suffered Serious Injuries

The New York Post (the Post) reported on the victims’ injuries and lawsuits filed against Revel. In each of the lawsuits, the injured victim blames Revel for causing their injuries.

Here is a brief summary of some of the lawsuits that have so far been filed against Revel and the injuries people have suffered:

  • Phelan Fitzpatrick alleges he was injured on June 24, 2020, while riding a Revel scooter on 11th Avenue in Manhattan. His lawyer told the Post that when he tried to apply the brakes, they locked, and his client flew over the moped’s handlebars. Fitzpatrick suffered bruising, scarring, and bleeding and is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

  • Paul Dicesare sued Revel for negligence after a Revel rider collided with his bicycle, suffering a broken ankle.

  • At least two Revel riders suffered fatal injuries over the summer after losing control of their scooters. One pedestrian died as the result of an accident with a Revel rider. Revel closed briefly after these fatalities and reopened in August.

  • Jessica Long filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court claiming that the Revel moped she was riding in Brooklyn failed to work correctly, which caused her to lose control and crash. Her lawsuit alleges she suffered severe personal injuries.

  • John Ruiz claims that balding tires and faulty brakes caused the Revel accident that left him with metal plates and screws in his leg.

  • Marian Miller also filed a lawsuit resulting from a Revel crash in Brooklyn. She claims that the Revel scooter she was riding malfunctioned, causing her to sustain serious injuries.

Revel claims that they take safety very seriously and have protocols in place to prevent injuries and accidents. Some of them came after many of these injuries and fatalities occurred.

The lawsuits, however, claim that Revel has been negligent in multiple ways. One attorney told the Post that there “seems to be a continuing theme of people finding mechanical issues” and “a lack of maintenance and lack of training.”

Is Revel Doing Enough to Avoid Negligence Claims?

Training is still not required to rent and ride a Revel scooter, although you must watch a short instructional video when you open an account. However, the company has implemented a helmet selfie policy that requires riders to snap and send a selfie of themselves to prove they are wearing an approved helmet when they ride. They have also rolled out a safety exam that riders must take to maintain their status as an authorized user.

Revel’s critics are not satisfied with the safety measures they have undertaken and claim they are insufficient to protect riders, passengers, and the people surrounding them on our busy city streets. The lawsuits claim that Revel has been negligent in making sure the scooters are safe to drive and that riders have the necessary training required to do so safely.

Revel denies these allegations, assuring riders that it conducts “regular maintenance checks on every vehicle and our Field Team is on-hand to offer support and safety checks in every borough.” For now, it will be up to the courts to determine if this is true.

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