U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Increase of Lawsuits

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lawsuitMore lawsuits have been filed through the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission this year. The percentage has increased to 50 percent since 2017. Victims have collected over $70 million in compensation this year compared to $46 million last year.

The 50% rise in lawsuits can be a direct result of the Me Too Movement which has encouraged more and more victims to speak out against crimes made against them. Senior advisor to the EEOC chair said, “So few people come forth to report harassment of any kind. The nation is waking up and these women and men who were sexually harassed are now coming forward.”

The increase is also due employers not handling complaints made by victims in a satisfying manner. Suzanne Connor who sits in the Traverse City Human Rights Commission is actively working on new ways to track complaints. “I think we should begin to monitor data sets so we can be more proactive,” said Connor.

By collecting information on harassment complaints, the data would give way to a monitoring system, showing if there have been any changes in types of complaints or quantity of complaints. “If we don’t have any way to set a baseline we don’t have any way to compare ourselves to the state or national average or to see if any incidence is increasing,” Connor said. “We don’t have that data yet. We know it’s there, but we haven’t pulled it together locally.” These claims cover all discrimination and harassment complaints, not leaving sexual harassment as an isolated complaint.

However, data shown solely on sexual harassment complaints were filed within the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, but were not promptly available, according to communications director Vicki Levengood.

“The Department of Civil Rights is very pleased to see the seriousness with which the EEOC is pursuing these complaints of sexual harassment,” Levengood said. “The department has had an increased focus in making sure we’re doing our due diligence with these complaints.”

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