The CPSC Has Sued Leachco Because Of Dangerous Baby Podsters

Leachco Podster Lawsuit

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Consumer Product Safety Commission Sued Leachco Over Dangerous Baby Loungers

According to Consumer Reports, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has filed a lawsuit against Leachco, the manufacturer of baby loungers. The loungers, according to CPSC, are dangerous to infants because they are a suffocation hazard.

The lawsuit, filed on February 9, 2022, comes after Leachco refused to recall its products. The CPSC asks in its suit that Leachco be forced to notify customers that these loungers can result in suffocation and to offer them a refund.

CPSC Asked Leachco To Recall Its Loungers – Leachco Refused

The CPSC had previously asked Leachco to recall its baby loungers after receiving reports of accidental suffocation. Leachco refused, claiming its baby loungers were safe when used according to instructions.

In response to its refusal to recall its dangerous products, of which approximately 180,000 have been sold, CPSC issued its own warning to consumers about Leachco baby loungers.

In its warning, CPSC told parents to stop using immediately:

  • Leachco Podster
  • Leachco Podster Plush
  • Leachco Podster Playtime
  • Leachco Bummzie

Why? Because two infants died after being put on a Leachco Podster. The infants’ position changed, causing their noses and mouths to be obstructed, resulting in suffocation. One victim was 4-months old, and the other was 17 days old. Both infants died from “accidental complications from asphyxia.”

Leachco Rejects CPSC Claims that Loungers Are Dangerous

On the company website, Leachco makes it clear that it does not agree with the CPSC’s claims that its infant loungers are dangerous.

Leachco firmly believes that when used correctly, its products are completely safe.

Leachco points out that its baby loungers are not meant for unsupervised sleep or play, which is made clear on its packaging. The company states, “Leachco has always had clear warnings on the product and its packaging not to place it in a bed or crib or use it for unsupervised sleep. The CPSC is wrongly telling consumers to stop using the Podster altogether instead of explaining that no lounger should be used in a crib or bed and no lounger is safe for unsupervised sleep.”

You can find more information on Leachco’s position at

CPSC Hopes Lawsuit Will Compel Leachco To Act

The CPSC can file complaints like this one when a manufacturer refuses to respond to its safety concerns. Chair of the CPSC Alex Hoehn-Saric said that it is a “last resort” employed when “in the interest of protecting consumers we are left with no other options.”

The CPSC has strong feelings about the dangers of infant loungers like the Leachco Podsters. It has issued repeated warnings never to leave a baby unattended or asleep on an infant lounger or nursing pillow. The risk of suffocation is too great.

In 2021, Boppy company voluntarily recalled more than three million baby loungers because they were connected to the deaths of 8 infants. Although Boppy, like Leachco, claimed that when used according to instructions, Boppys were safe. Boppy, like Leachco, also claimed that its products contained adequate warnings about the risks of suffocation. However, Boppy, UNLIKE Leachco, decided to recall the products because of the dangers.

At the time, then-Chair of the CPSC Robert S. Adler stated, “Since we know that infants sleep so much of the time – even in products not intended for sleep – and since suffocation can happen so quickly, these Boppy lounger products are simply too risky to remain on the market.”

What, if anything, Leachco does in the wake of the CPSC lawsuit, remains to be seen.

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