Nursing Home Abuse Continues to Grow

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nursing home abuseSenior citizens in need of care and reside in nursing homes are being abused by the very people that are paid to take care of them. This atrocity is occurring at an alarming rate in our country. There are currently over three million adults living in elderly care facilities in the United States. On average, almost 40% of the population will become a resident in a nursing home at some point in their lives. While many of the senior residents receive proper care, there are many suffering from mistreatment and neglect.

Nursing home abuse is not always reported. However, when surveyed, nearly all (95%) nursing home residents admitted to witnessing neglect amongst peers. The largest contributor of long term care for senior citizens is the federal government which provides Medicare and Medicaid. The health and safety standards of these healthcare programs are intended to guard residents from any form of abuse, but yet cases of mistreatment continue to grow.

Abuse in long term facilities include:

– Physical Abuse of any kind

– Sexual abuse

– Psychological Abuse which includes humiliation, shouting at victim, verbal abuse, etc)

– Financial exploitation. This occurs when the caregiver obtains access to the patient’s finances.

– Neglect

– Resident to resident abuse. (Victim resident is not protected by staff)

Signs of abuse include but not limited to:

– Physical injuries of any kind

– Bed sores

– Changes in behavior, personality or overall mental health status

– Poor hygiene

– Unexplained weight loss

– Emotional outbursts

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