Have Nursing Home Deaths for Non-COVID Causes Increased Because of Neglect?

Nursing Home Neglect Deaths Increase in the Wake of Pandemic

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Fox Reports:

Nursing Home Neglect Has Caused “Excess” Deaths Since the Start of the Pandemic

In a recent article, Fox News reported that it is not just Covid-19 that has resulted in an alarming number of deaths in nursing homes.

The piece published November 19, 2020, claims that one nursing home expert analyzed data from 15,000 US facilities. This expert estimates that for “every two COVID-19 victims in long-term care, there is another who died prematurely of other causes. Those “excess deaths” beyond the normal rate of fatalities in nursing homes could total more than 40,000 since March.”

The number of “extra” nursing home deaths not related to COVID is approximately 15% more than what is considered normal.

Many of these deaths, according to this article, might be the result of nursing home neglect. The increased rate of non-Covid-19 patient deaths in a given nursing home may be directly related to the number of Covid-19 positive cases it experienced.

Daughter Attributes Mother’s Death in Nursing Home to Neglect

On Long Island, at Gurwin Jewish Nursing Home, 59 residents have died from Covid-19. Carolyn Best, whose mother was a resident there, never got Covid-19. She did, however, die from what Best strongly believes was nursing home neglect. While the staff was caring for Covid-19 patients, her mother was dying.

Best noticed her mother looked terrible over a FaceTime call and was surprised. Until the pandemic arrived, she had been receiving excellent care. Now, her mother’s eyes were closed, and she was moaning. Best said her hands were flailing, and she kept repeating the word, “no.”
It was then that Best insisted the doctor check on her mother.

The doctor called Best, who remembers her saying in a manner she described as “frantically,” “The COVID is everywhere,” “It’s in every unit. The doctors have it, the nurses have it, and your mother may have it.”

Best’s mother did not have Covid-19. But she was dead three weeks later from dehydration. Amidst all of the chaos, people calling in sick, and residents battling Covid-19, no one made sure she was drinking.

Stories of Severe Nursing Home Neglect Are Being Reported

This story is one of too many that have emerged since nursing homes closed their doors to visitors at the start of the pandemic. Families across the country have revealed horrifying situations in which their loved ones suffered needlessly in days and weeks, leading to their avoidable deaths. Unchanged diapers, uncut fingernails, infected bedsores, and unwashed bodies and linens are part of many reports.

Lack of supervision has been reported as well. Some families claim that their loved ones died because no one was paying attention to them. At least one person alleges that her father died while choking during an unsupervised meal. Others report loved ones dying from dehydration, malnourishment, untreated infections, and wasting. Nursing homes often suffer from short-staffing and negligent supervision.

Covid-19 appears to have worsened an existing problem.

It has often been the task of visitors, family members, inspectors, and volunteers to ensure nursing home residents are receiving proper care and attention. They are often the ones to report abuse and neglect and fill in the holes where nursing home care fails to follow through. With doors closed to the outside world, it has become apparent just how large a role these outsiders might play in caring for nursing home residents.

What Happens When Nursing Home Neglect Causes Injuries or Death?

Families of residents who experience injuries or death for nursing home neglect might be able to collect damages by filing a lawsuit against the nursing home. Proving nursing home neglect usually involves demonstrating that an employee, administrator, or owner of the nursing home failed to provide reasonable care to the victim of neglect.

Some states have recently enacted laws to limit the ability to file lawsuits against nursing homes during the pandemic. However, it is important to speak with lawyers who can tell you what your options are. You don’t want to forfeit any legal right you might have to hold the nursing home accountable for your loved one’s injuries or death.

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