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New York Archdiocese Finally Releases Names of Clergy Who Sexually Abused Children

According to a CNN article from April 27, 2019, there is good news and bad news for survivors of clergy sexual abuse in our country. The good news is that New York has followed the lead of more than 100 other Catholic dioceses and released a list containing the names of individuals accused of sexual misconduct. The list names 120 priests and deacons who were accused of sexually abusing children or having child pornography.

The release of the names was accompanied by a letter from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the contents of which may provide a much-needed apology of sorts for some of the victims. Dolan stated, “I write to ask forgiveness again for the failings of those clergy and bishops who should have provided for the safety of our young people but instead betrayed the trust placed in them by God and by the faithful.”

Terry McKiernan, president of the watchdog website BishopAccountability.org, applauded the release of the list as New York was one of only two Archdiocese in the country that has not done so. He added his opinion that the list was “long overdue.”

Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims’ Advocates Claim List is Insufficient

While McKiernan applauded the release of the names of the priests and deacons, he stated that “the downside is that it is a bad list.” Like many survivor advocates who feel the lists are incomplete, McKiernan agrees that the records released by New York and other Catholic dioceses are incomplete and unreliable. Some examples of the problems many survivors of clergy sexual abuse have with the self-reported lists include:

  • There are no details about where the abuse occurred
  • There is no information about when the allegations of sexual abuse arose
  • There is nothing describing actions that happened after the claims were made
  • There is no reference to the assignment histories of the accused
  • There is nothing about the number of victims
  • The lists do not contain the names of “externs” who may have abused

Catholic Church Tries to Calm Concerns

To calm the concerns of those victims who are unsatisfied with the list, Cardinal Dolan wrote in his letter that the list would be updated as more information becomes available. He said, “Please be assured there is not a single priest or deacon of the Archdiocese of New York against whom there has been a credible and substantiated claim of abuse against a minor currently in ministry.”

According to CNN, there are 13 states currently investigating sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Members of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests have called on Dolan to release all of his files on clergy sex abuse to the New York Attorney General Leticia James.

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