Paragard IUD - How to Determine if You Have a Claim for Injuries

Paragard IUD – Do You Have a Claim?

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Paragard IUD Claims – Alonso Krangle, LLP is Reviewing Claims By Women Injured by the IUD

Paragard is now a well-known medical device that is the subject of litigation and controversy. If you have received a Paragard copper IUD implant and suffered injuries, call our experienced dangerous medical device lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP.

We are reviewing claims for women who have had complications and surgery because of Paragard to determine if they are eligible to seek compensation from the makers of this defective device.

Paragard is The First Approved Non-Hormonal IUD

Paragard is an IUD – intrauterine device- designed to prevent pregnancy. It is marketed as safe and effective to use as birth control for years and designed to be removed when the patient no longer wants it.

Paragard is the first non-hormonal IUD, something that makes it very attractive to many of its users. Paragard is made from copper. The copper makes the uterus inhospitable to fertilization, preventing unintended pregnancy.

The Paragard IUD Can Cause Injuries to Women, Lawsuits Claim

Women across the country, however, claim that the Paragard IUD implant has caused more harm than good and that Teva Pharmaceuticals, its maker, owes them compensation for their injuries caused by the IUD.

Many of these injured victims have filed lawsuits alleging that the Paragard IUD can migrate or break upon removal, resulting in severe injuries to the uterus and nearby organs. In many of these cases, surgery was required to both repair the damage caused by the IUD, to remove broken pieces or to remove the entire IUD.

How Do You Know if You Can File a Paragard IUD Claim for Damages?

Speaking with our experienced medical device lawyers is a good first step to determine if you might have a claim. We have seen thousands of cases in which women and men have been injured by defective medical devices. If you have been injured by a medical device, you are not alone.

There are a few steps you can take to ensure you have information that can help with the legal review and claim process.

Get The Operative Report

Obtain your operative report to confirm that you have a Paragard IUD implant. There are many different IUDs on the market. Be sure yours is the brand you believe it to be.

Ask your doctor for the operative report to learn the specific make, model and serial number of your IUD implant to be certain you received what you believe you did.

Your report should have a sticker that came on the box with your IUD. It should give all the information about your IUD and confirm that it was a Paragard IUD. If you cannot get this information, seek help from our lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP.

Identify the Nature of Your Injury

You will need to identify your injury. How did the Paragard IUD harm you? Despite being marketed as safe and effective, lawsuits claim it can cause serious complications and injuries to unsuspecting women.

Some women claim the Paragard IUD can migrate away from the implant site and embed in other parts of the uterus and body.

Others allege that the Paragard IUD can break and perforate or tear nearby tissue and organs. This can make the device impossible to retrieve without surgery. Surgery can also be necessary to repair the damage it causes to vital organs.

There are also women who have reported needing to have hysterectomies because of Paragard IUD injuries. It may also be linked to ectopic pregnancies, which can be extremely dangerous to women and can cause permanent infertility.

Ask for your medical records to obtain additional details about complications, injuries, and any treatment you received because of your IUD.

Contact Our Lawyers to Determine Your Eligibility for a Paragard Claim

If you think you are eligible to file a claim because of injuries from a Paragard IUD, call our dangerous medical device lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP.

You want to ensure that you hire experienced, knowledgeable lawyers who understand the complexities of medical device cases. Alonso Krangle, LLP has those lawyers.

You can call at any step in the process to determine if you qualify to file a Paragard IUD lawsuit. There are time limits to file claims, and you don’t want to miss your window. Call our experienced dangerous medical device lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP today at 800-403-6191 to find out if you can file a claim for compensation against the makers of the Paragard IUD.