Pressure Cooker Explosions Lead to Multiple Lawsuits

Pressure Cooker Explosions Lawsuits

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Pressure Cooker Explosions Lead to Lawsuits

A May 2021 National Law Review (NLR) article calls into question the safety of some of America’s favorite pressure cookers. Pressure cookers combine high heat and high pressure to save time cooking meals.

Pressure cookers, insta-posts, and similar kitchen devices have become quite trendy in recent years. Unfortunately, as their popularity grows, more and more people are suffering severe injuries because of pressure cooker explosions.

Some injured victims of pressure cooker explosions have filed lawsuits against manufacturers, alleging they were defective and dangerous. If you suffered serious injuries from a defective pressure cooker, you might be entitled to file a lawsuit and collect substantial damages for those injuries.

How Do Pressure Cookers Work?

Pressure cookers work by using pressure and heat to quickly break down and flavor the foods that are cooking inside the pot. They cook under high heat and high pressure.

Pressure cookers have various safety features that are supposed to prevent accidents and injuries. Because of the high pressure, however, if any of the safety valves or other parts do not work properly, the result can be a dangerous explosion that propels the scorching contents and parts of the pressure cooker in all directions, causing serious burns and other injuries.

How Can Pressure Cooker Explosions Cause Injuries?

When a pressure cooker explodes, the lid blows off the top, sending extremely hot contents into the air. Anyone nearby can suffer severe burns when it with hot food and liquid.

The lid itself can cause also injuries when it flies into the air, hitting innocent victims in the eyes, head or other body parts. Pieces of debris can become embedded in the victims causing severe lacerations and other injuries.

According to NLR, the people have allegedly suffered some of the following injuries and required medical treatments because of exploding pressure cookers:

  • Third-degree burns
  • Second degree burns
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and concussion
  • Amputation
  • Broken bones
  • Permanent scarring
  • Skin grafts
  • Painful debridement
  • Eye injuries, including temporary and permanent loss of vision
  • Blood loss
  • Lacerations

These injuries can happen to the person using the pressure cooker as well as others in a vicinity when an explosion occurs.

Pressure Cooker Lawsuits are Being Filed By Victims Who Suffered Serious Injuries

There is, according to the NLR, quite a long list of lawsuits that injured victims have filed against the makers of pressure cookers. The writer states, “in many of these lawsuits, claimants have argued that some design or manufacturing defect led to the explosion and its subsequent injuries.”

Some individuals claim the combination of built-up pressure and faulty safety features caused their injures. Others suggest that the manufacturers should be liable for selling defectively designed pressure cookers. Some lawsuits claim that the defective pressure cookers that caused their injuries were the result of negligence.

There have been lawsuits filed related to some of the following pressure cooker brands:

  • Presto
  • Sunbeam
  • Crock Pot
  • Instant Pot
  • Cuisinart
  • Wolfgang puck pressure cooker
  • QVC electric pressure cooker
  • Tristar power pressure cooker
  • NuWave

Under various laws, manufacturers must ensure that their products are safe for their intended use. When a person uses the product as instructed, and injuries result, the victim often tries to prove that the manufacturer was negligent by making and selling a defective product. The injured victim might be able to collect compensation for their injuries.

These lawsuits are personal injury claims but can be more specifically referred to as product liability claims, defective product lawsuits, or design defect cases.

Are You Eligible to File a Pressure Cooker Lawsuit?

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Did my pressure cooker malfunction and cause injuries?
  • Was I burned by my insta-pot?
  • Did my crockpot explode?
  • Did I use my pressure cooker properly and get hurt?
  • Did the instructions warn me about the dangers of using the pressure cooker?
  • Have my injuries required medical treatments, caused me to lose income, and caused physical and/or emotional pain and suffering?

After answering these questions, consider seeking legal counsel to find out if you are entitled to file a lawsuit against the maker and manufacturer of the pressure cooker that caused your injuries.

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