Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

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sexual harassmentSexual harassment is a direct violation of title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This title is a federal law that disallows discrimination in employment on the basis of sex, race, skin color and religion. Despite this law in place, there are many employees that undergo this type of harassment on a daily basis. Sexual harassment in the work place creates a hostile work environment while also having residual effects on the victim. Undesired sexual advancement and coercion are the most frequent complaints in the work place to date. While most harassment cases involve women, men are also subject to these types of demeaning passes.

Impacts of work place sexual harassment include:

-Employment was altered in some way

-Work style and flow was impeded

-Work environment has become unstable and intolerable

The recent #MeToo movement recognizes sexual harassment and abuse as a large scale cultural issue. Accusations of this unwelcomed offensive behavior by high-profile men have lifted the veil over many eyes. This campaign has given many women and men the courage to break their silence and fight for their rights and to hold their aggressors liable.

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