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Uterine Cancer Caused by Hair Relaxers

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Lawsuits for Uterine Cancer Caused by Use of Hair Relaxers

Recently, lawsuits have been filed by women who suffered uterine cancer after the long-term use of hair relaxers. Claims are made both by those working in beauty salons handling the product, as well as women who have used the product in their own hair.

If you have suffered uterine cancer after long-term use of hair relaxer products, contact the attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP. Our attorneys have helped thousands of victims of dangerous products, and are here to answer your questions.

Companies Producing Haircare Products Linked to Uterine Cancer

These ingredients may lead to uterine cancer and other injuries in women.

Some of the companies named in lawsuits include L’Oreal USA, Inc.; Soft Sheen-Carson, LLC; Strength of Nature, LLC; Godrej SON Holdings, Inc.; PDC Brands; and Parfums de Coeur, LTD.

Hair Relaxers Contain Some of the Most Dangerous Chemicals

Ingredients in hair relaxer products may contain toxic chemicals. One of the most dangerous chemicals found in relaxers is benzene, a known carcinogen linked to uterine cancer and other cancers. Other potentially harmful ingredients include formaldehyde, methylene glycol, and lye.

African American Women are Disproportionately Impacted

The products ranked as most hazardous in the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database are hair relaxers, hair colors, and bleaching products marketed to African American women. This group spends approximately $2.5 billion annually on hair care products, including an estimated $718 million in 2021.

How Hair Relaxers Work

Hair relaxers are typically a cream or lotion that is applied to the base of the hair shaft and left in place for a “cooking period” during which time it chemically alters and damages the hair’s natural protein structure. This results in straightening and smoothing of the hair. As new growth comes in, the relaxer is reapplied to the roots, typically every 4-8 weeks.

This constant reapplication of chemicals exposes the individual to toxic substances repeatedly, which is alleged to lead to a number of injuries including uterine cancer.

Claims Against Manufacturers of Hair Relaxers

Plaintiffs in these cases bring a number of claims against the manufacturers of these hair straightening products, including:

  • Strict liability – failure to warn of the risks to the user: that the manufacturers knew or should have known of the risk of the product and failed to warn consumers of the risk.
  • Strict liability – design and manufacturing defects: that by design, the product was inherently dangerous based on the chemicals used and they should have been designed differently in a way that did not create a risk of harm to the users.
  • Product liability – failure to warn: that the manufacturers knew or should have known of the risk of the product and failed to warn consumers of the risk.
  • Negligence – design or manufacturing defect: the manufacturers knew or should have known of the risks and dangers of the product but continued to design, manufacture, sell, market, distribute and promote the products.
  • Negligence – negligence and gross negligence: the manufacturers were negligent and/or grossly negligent in manufacturing and selling a product they knew or should have known to be dangerous; they failed to test the safety of the product; if they did test and sold notwithstanding the indications that the product may be dangerous; failing to remove the product from the market upon learning of the increased risk of uterine cancer from the user of the product; failing to instruct, inform, notify, advise and label the product regarding the increased risk of uterine cancer.
  • Negligence – negligent misrepresentation: the manufacturers represented and sold the product as a product that was safe to use, failing to disclose the risks associated with the user of the hair relaxing products.

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