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Winter Driving Tips from NY Personal Injury Lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP

Winter Driving Tips from NY Personal Injury Lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP

Winter is here. A winter storm – even a flurry – can bring snow, ice, and sleet that cover our roads quickly. In places like New York, this will happen frequently. According to the Department of Transportation, over 70 percent of our nation’s roads are in areas that get over five inches of snow annually. Every year, nearly 900 people are killed, and nearly 76,000 people are injured in vehicle crashes that occur while it is snowing or sleeting. Even a small flurry can cause serious accidents as cars lose traction on snowy and icy roads.

While some of us might not be traveling far this winter because of Covid-19 restrictions and precautions, it is still important to remember that accidents can and do occur close to home.

Accidents on Snow Happen on Long Island for Many Reasons

Winter driving accidents often happen on local roads that might be dangerous because of negligent plowing, speeding cars that can’t safely brake at stop signs, or power outages that make it difficult to navigate busy intersections. Others occur because drivers simply lack the proper skills to drive safely on snow. Even staying “local” can require driving on highways, dealing with traffic, and icy roads.

If you or someone you love is injured in a car accident this winter, call our personal injury lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP. We fight for the legal rights of accident victims when they suffer injuries because of someone else’s negligence. If you need help, call our New York car accident lawyers at 516-350-5555.

Tips from the NHTSA for Safe Winter Driving

We hope everyone stays safe on the roads this winter. Here are some of the tips provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that might help you and your family remain safe when traveling by car during the cold, snowy winter.

Check Your Car at the Start of Winter

The NHTSA recommends that drivers take some measures before winter sets in to ensure their vehicle is safe and you are prepared to drive. These might include:

  • Checking for recalls on your vehicle
  • Servicing your car, especially checking:
    • Brakes
    • Tires
    • Lights
    • Wipers
    • Wiper fluid
    • Cooling and heating system
    • Floor mats
  • Reading the owner’s manual or refreshing your knowledge of your car’s safety features like antilock brakes or different driving modes.
  • Making sure your seatbelts work and that car seats and booster seats are age-appropriate, size appropriate, and installed properly.
  • Filling your gas tank

Prepare Your Car with Safety Items Before Heading Out on Snowy Roads

The NHTSA recommends stocking your vehicle with some items that might become useful in the event of a breakdown or accident. Preparedness can mean the difference between surviving or not if you are in a car crash during a storm or frigid temperatures. Consider putting the following items in your car before heading anywhere during the winter months:

  • Ice scraper
  • Snow shovel
  • A broom
  • Something abrasive like sand in case your car gets stuck in the snow
  • Jumper cables
  • A flashlight with extra batteries
  • Flares
  • Blankets
  • Water
  • Food
  • A fully charged cell phone
  • A few days’ supply of essential medications

Ready to Go? Drive Carefully!

You should always be careful when driving—alert, attentive, reasonable. During the winter, it is essential that you exercise extra caution to avoid accidents from happening. What does it mean to drive carefully?

Stay alert and avoid distractions.

  • Try not to use your phone unless it is an emergency.
  • Don’t read or respond to texts.
  • Don’t drive while tired.

Avoid risky driving behavior.

  • Obey the speed limit.
  • Do not drive with any alcohol or drugs in your system.
  • Do not text and drive.

Use Caution Around Snow Plows

  • Drive behind snowplows when possible
  • Be extremely cautious passing snowplows.
  • Remember snowplows stop frequently, may drive in more than one lane, and make wide turns.

Call Alonso Krangle, LLP, if You Are Injured in a Car Accident on Snow or Ice This Winter

We hope these tips and suggestions are useful and that you and your family remain safe while navigating the icy and snowy roads this winter. Should you get injured in an accident, call our experienced personal injury lawyers for help.

We provide exceptional legal services and fight for the rights of victims of accidents. Our goal is to ensure you collect the compensation your injuries warrant when someone else’s negligence causes them.

Call our New York car accident lawyers today at 516-350-5555 to schedule a free case evaluation. Find out if you are eligible to collect compensation after being injured in a car accident.



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