Workplace Sexual Harassment: McDonald’s

workplace sexual harassment

workplace sexual harassmentEmployees of the mega-chain fast food restaurant, McDonald’s are claiming that they have been the victims of workplace sexual harassment by their employers and co-workers.

The company states that they do not tolerate any form of misconduct within the workplace and yet victims’ complaints are falling on deaf ears it seems. Eight states have filed over 10 complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission just this past week claiming they have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment and assault while working their shift.

McDonalds spokeswoman Terri Hickey stated, “At McDonald’s Corporation, we are and have been committed to a culture that fosters the respectful treatment of everyone. There is no place for harassment and discrimination of any kind in our workplace.”

Of course the #MeToo movement has raised awareness of workplace misconduct thanks to Hollywood. However, workers in retail and food service jobs are currently filing more than three times the amount of harassment complaints compared to those in higher paying fields according to a recent study from the Center for American Progress.

The study showed that in 2016 over 40 percent of women in the fast-food industry claim they have encountered undesirable attention and unwanted sexual behavior at work, including but not limited to suggestive comments and touching/groping.

Financial support was given to McDonald’s workers who had fallen victim to this abuse by the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, a $21 million charity that began early this year to support low-income workers to wish to report the harassment.

Those who work at independently owned stores and restaurants could be particularly vulnerable to abuse.

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Easier Pathway for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse to Seek Justice as Adults

child sexual abuse

child sexual abuseLast week, a number of Democratic candidates for governor stated that they would unanimously support legislation that would allow an easier pathway for victims of child sexual abuse to seek justice as adults for the crimes that were made against them. The candidates request came in on the heel of Wisconsin’s Women’s March and the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests. All of those were in favor for the proposal of the recently failed Child Victims Act. Despite its four time failure in state Legislature, Democrats and survivors are still in strong support for the bill.

Co-chairperson Sarah Pearson of the Women’s March Wisconsin and SNAP founder Peter Isley stated, “The effects of sexual violence have no time limit. Neither should the statutes on child sex crimes. It often takes years for an individual suffering from the life-altering trauma of sexual violence to come forward to seek justice. The law needs to be there when they do.”

Both Pearson and Isley have found disfavor in Milwaukee attorney and former Democratic Party of Wisconsin chairman Matt Flynn due to the fact he represented the Archdiocese of Milwaukee against sex abuse victims claiming to be abused by priests. Flynn was with the law firm Quarles & Brady at the time. Currently, Flynn is accused of involvement with the transfers of abusive priests along with treating the victims that were sexually abused by his clients with great disrespect. He has disputed the claims of his behavior towards the victims and has argued that his role as attorney was to jettison abusive priests from the church.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

The National Organization for Women and the Wisconsin Women’s March are calling for Flynn to extinguish his campaign, in which Flynn calls a “smear campaign” against him.

Flynn stated, “My years working as an attorney left me with a profound understanding of the failings of our criminal and civil justice systems in these cases. Victims suffer at the hands of abusers. The criminal and civil justice systems should be improved to spare these victims further suffering in the pursuit of justice.”

Flynn said he would also ask that a court commissioner be present for depositions of child abuse victims, to “protect victims from abuse by bad lawyers” and to “shield good lawyers from untrue allegations of misconduct in the depositions.”

Former state Rep. Kelda Roys, D-Madison, who co-sponsored the Child Victims Act, and said with her power she would “use my office to support survivors and prevent sexual violence.”

“All victims deserve their day in court, especially survivors of child sexual assault. The Child Victims Act is necessary to address the persistent, systemic abuse of children, including the hundreds who were victimized by priests of the Milwaukee Archdiocese in previous decades,” Roys said in a statement. “I have never wavered on my support for survivors of sexual violence.”

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Child Sex Abuse Compensation

child sexual abuse

child sexual abuseThe State Senate Republicans offered a legislation last week that would give victims of child sex abuse compensation from public money, payoffs from offenders and institutions where the abuse occurred. The bill would ultimately end the statute of limitations for certain sexual offenses and supply compensation for child victims using an asset forfeiture fund run by the Manhattan district attorney’s office of $300 million dollars.

Child sex abuse survivor, Gary Greenberg assisted in creating the legislation. “It’s the first time that the Republicans have put anything on the table that will actually compensate victims … it’s progress,” he said.

Gov. Cuomo and the Democratic-controlled state Assembly had created other versions of a Child Victims Act but unfortunately did not pass during the state budget negotiations.

Senate Republicans have long been against the “look back window” that was included in the recent Child Victims Act bill, but now they have for the first time offered the left a compromise. The plan offers to pay off civil claims from a designated fund without any time restrictions. A review process will be mandatory and would include hearing officers with experience in cases involving sexual abuse cases including investigative experience.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Monetary awards would be based upon economic conditions due to medical expenses and income, and non-economic issues such as physical disability, decrease in life enjoyment/fulfillment, type of occurred abuse and age of the victim. Individuals who have already been compensated for abuse will not be allowed to refile their claim.

The legislation also requires the fund to be replenished on a yearly basis along with calling a ‘member of the clergy’ a required reporter of sex abuse.


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Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

nursing home sexual abuse

nursing home sexual abuseThe family of an elderly woman who was sexually assaulted during her time as a resident in a nursing home in Akron, Pennsylvania. was awarded $7.5 million by a Lancaster jury.

After four hours of deliberation, the jury founded the Garden Spot Village facility and its parent company were over 85% liable for the sex abuse of Dorothy Brace, 82. What’s more is that it was founded that the nursing home had shown countless indifferences in failing to meet preventative measures. One precaution would have been diligent screening of other residents, due to the fact that Brace was assaulted by another person at stay there who has a history of sexual violence. The facility also failed to protect the 82-year-old from more than 20 falls that occurred during her stay.

Attorney Matthew Stone represented the plaintiff and stated, “It’s clear from the unanimous verdict that the jury believes that our most vulnerable members of society deserve protection from sexual abuse.”

According to the Brace’s pretrial memo, Dorothy had been suffering from dementia when her attacker, Glenn Hershey,63 started sexually abusing her. Hershey plead guilty and was sentenced to 8-20 years in prison.

Hershey targeted Dorothy Brace specifically because of her dementia. The staff in the nursing home was well aware he was a registered sex offender. He had been convicted of rape prior to him entering into the nursing home and also threatened to rape a caretaker at the facility. It appeared to staff members that Hershey and Brace were in some kind of “relationship”, which fails to adhere to the facility’s policy against allowing Hershey and Brace to be alone in a room together unsupervised. But, because of her dementia, they believe Brace is unable to give consent.

If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected while under the care of a nursing home, it is important to document all relevant details. The attorneys at Alonso Krangle LLP have years of experience handling nursing home abuse cases.

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Hernia Mesh Products Update

hernia mesh

hernia meshThe Journal of the American College of Surgeons have come out with a new study suggesting that hernia mesh products that are on the market today, are lacking important information that could better assist physicians into making decisions that are more well informed based on a patients health status.

The study demands hernia mesh products to include standardized labels placed on the packaging (much like nutritional information on food products). Information on the label would include the device’s size, weight, pore size, base material, and a presence or absence of a obstruction along with biomechanical sources.

While researching, Dr. Blatnik and Ms.Kahan of the Journal of the American College Surgeons, had analyzed the current labels and “information for use” cards for nearly 40 types of hernia mesh products including but not limited to 30 artificial and six biologic mesh varieties. Upon their findings, they discovered that the external package labels contained limited information. However, more information was available on the IFU cards but are only accessible after opening the package.

The study comes on the heels of dozens of lawsuits being filed against medical device manufacturers including Atrium Med Corp, C.R Bard and Ethicon Inc. The lawsuits involve faulty or defective hernia mesh implants that have seriously injured a number of patients due to complications associated with the medical device. Federally-filed C-Qur mesh lawsuits have currently been centralized in a multidistrict litigation, taking place in U.S District Court, New Hampshire.

C.R Bard is facing dozens of product liability lawsuits involving Ventralex and Perfix which are both polypropylene hernia mesh implants. A motion has been filed with the U.S Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation for plaintiffs pursuing compensation.

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The Child Victims Act – Update

child victim

child victimThis week, Assembly Democrats have again voted to pass a bill to allow survivors of child sex abuse to seek justice as grown adults. Senate Republicans have been notorious to make sure this bill does NOT get passed, and now the Left is cornering them into doing so. “We must take action to protect victims of childhood sexual abuse and ensure access to justice for survivors,” Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told the Daily News. “The Assembly majority has long led the way on this important issue and I hope that it can finally become law this year.”

The bill would bring criminal cases up at any point in time until a victim’s 23rd birthday, while civil lawsuits can be filed up until the victim’s 50th birthday, no matter when the abuse was taken upon them.

Public and private institutions will be treated the same way under law. As of now, victims only have 90 days from the time the abuse occurred, to file a claim against school districts and local or state government institutions.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

The Child Victims Act has been recently voided by the Republican-controlled Senate after Gov. Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled Assembly tried vehemently to include the act in the budget this year. In the next attempt, the Assembly is currently trying to pass a revised form of Child Victims Act as a standalone bill. Republicans standing in the Senate are open to discussing the revised bill, but are not in a position to passing it just yet.

The biggest hurdle in the bill is the look-back window that allows the reopening of old cases which would put the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Jewish community and The Boy Scouts of America under fire with allegations that have occurred years ago.

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Nuplazid Lawsuit Attorney


NuplazidIn June 2016, Acadia Pharmaceutical company released and distributed an atypical antipsyhoctic drug called Nuplazid which is manufactured to treat episodes of psychosis that those suffering from Parkinson’s disease is brought on by decreasing the severity and limitation of delusional episodes and hallucinations that disconnect the patient from reality. The FDA followed an expedited review of the product in which Nuplazid had shown tremendous and notable promise in treating hallucinations related to Parkinson’s disease. A six-week test study of 200 patients suffering from Parkinson’s related psychosis. The FDA labeled the drug as a “breakthrough therapy” product due to the patient’s drastic improvement after taking the medication. This test was done in comparison to other similar drugs on the market.

While it sounds like a miracle drug, it turns out it is anything but. Not long after the release of the product, patients’ family members and doctors began reporting adverse effects, such as insomnia, accidental falls, nausea, extreme fatigue and even death (Over 700 deaths have been reported). In over 1,000 other reports patients that were still taking Nuplazid were still experiencing episodic psychosis. These effects were all linked to Nuplazid.

Acadia and the FDA stated that the medications benefits far outweigh the potential risks involved and that Nuplazid is a necessity for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease psychosis. Acadia believes there is such a high number of deaths because patients suffering from psychosis are already at developed stage of the illness, which means there is a high probability of dying from the disease not the medication.

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Child Abuse Survivor

child abuse

child abuseCecilia Springer, 87, is a survivor of child abuse suffered as a teenager at the hands of a nun many years ago. Springer rallied with other advocates and survivors , all fighting for a legislation that would allow them to seek justice against their abusers, into adulthood.

Springer stated that she was abused by her principal at St. Ursula, ran by the Notre Dame School of Manhattan. St. Ursula was a girls-only secondary school, and it should be noted that her principal was a nun. The principal was transferred out at the end of the year; the same year the abuse occurred. Springer never told anybody she was being abused, but discovered that she was not the only one the principal attempted to harm.

Dennis Poust, a spokesperson for the Catholic Conference spoke on behalf of Springer’s statements and urged Springer to report her case if she has not done so already. The Catholic Church supports extending the statute of limitations going forward but does not support the opportunity for victims to revive old cases.

Child abuse survivors, including Cecilia, along with advocates for the Child Victim Act, protested last Thursday in front of Zurich Insurance Group in lower Manhattan due to Zurich’s attempts at lobbying against the bill so that it would not get passed in budget. If the act was passed, adults who were abused as children would be granted access to seek justice against those persons or institutions who abuse them.

Update: NYS Extends Deadline To File Cases Until August 14, 2021

Cecilia will continue to fight for this bill to be passed in the future. Abusers will continue to abuse, so long as they are not found out or charged. Unfortunately for Springer, she was never able to confront her abuser or hold her responsible and have her day in court. Yet it is not too late for those victims who can still seek justice.

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April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month

good environment

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. By acknowledging this insight there are many ways we can all show our children our love and appreciation and to let them know that they are safe with us, in today’s world where any type of abuse is all too familiar.

At home is where children develop their foundation of self-respect and high self-esteem.

Here are some ways parents can create a healthy environment for their children:

-Children need to know they are loved, unique and are capable of becoming whatever they want.

-It’s important for the parent to also take time for themselves. Life is stressful. Your children will benefit more if you are less stressed.

-If you feel overwhelmed when your baby cries and are having a difficult time soothing your child, seek outside help or support. Speak with your healthcare provider about options on what you can do. Never shake your child out of frustration or for ANY reason. Shaking your child could lead to fatal injuries.

-Oversee and supervise what your child is watching on TV or what kind of games they are playing. Violent and graphic material can harm your child.

-Discipline is important because it teaches your children what is socially acceptable. Discipline should be aligned with the child’s designated age and stage of childhood. Find support from your healthcare provider or school if you are unsure what milestone your child should currently be at.

-Positive reinforcement is important in raising your child. Toys and treats are not positive reinforcement. Instead, reward your child with affection, attention and verbal praise.

-Hitting children only teaches the child that its acceptable to hit other people and also cause physical and emotional damage.

-Set the right example. Children observe what you do, not only what you say.

-Be creative in your approach to alter your child’s behavior if it is unfavorable.

It is our obligation to protect ALL children.

If you or someone you know has reason to believe a child is being abused in any way, call the authorities first or the Child Abuse Hotline at 1877-597-2331.


Limbrel – Primus Pharmaceutical Company


limbrelPrimus Pharmaceutical company has been warned by the Food and Drunk Administration to to pull the drug product, Limbrel, off the shelves due to the fact that it has been shown to cause lung and liver injury. Limbrel is marketed as a “medical food”, used to treat the metabolic processes linked with osteoarthritis. Primus stands by the drug’s claim that it helps improve mobility for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The FDA made a claim back in December 2017 that they consider Limbrel to be an unapproved drug given the side effects.

Because a recall cannot be executed, the FDA has taken it upon itself and began patients currently taking Limbrel to extinguish use immediately. Almost 200 events including adverse side effects were reported while taking the drug. Patients suffering from liver injury report symptoms of nausea, excessive fatigue and jaundice. Fevers and intense coughing are reported by patients with hypersensitive pneumonitis.

The FDA released a statement saying. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to use Limbrel, a product in capsule form currently being manufactured as a medical food to manage the metabolic processes associated with osteoarthritis. If you are currently using it, stop taking it immediately and contact your health care provider.”

Primus has been asked for since late 2017 to remove the product from sale. As of January 30th 2018, Primus has recalled all unexpired lots of Limbrel products.

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