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Defective Drugs

Our Defective Drug Lawyers Help Victims of Dangerous Medications

Medicine is supposed to help us. We assume that doctors prescribe drugs that are safe for us to take as directed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Many patients suffer unexpected side effects and outcomes, some of which can become deadly. When this occurs, you might be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer of the defective and dangerous drugs.

If you experience complications or serious side effects from defective drugs, contact our lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP. We can determine if you have a case against the pharmaceutical company and any other parties that might be legally responsible for your injuries. Our defective drug lawyers have experience securing compensation for victims of dangerous drugs. Call us today at 800-403-6191 for a free evaluation of your defective drug claim.

Our Lawyers Can Help If You Get Injured by Prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) Defective Drugs

Litigation against pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers over defective drugs can potentially involve any medication. Both prescription drugs and OTC drugs have been the subject of many successful lawsuits.

When you think about the fact that pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers can release hundreds of drugs each year, it should be no surprise that thousands of people suffer from dangerous side effects and injuries that cause death.

Some drugs and issues that have been the subject of litigation or controversy because of claims that they are defective and dangerous include:

  • Does Zantac cause cancer?
  • Does Elmiron cause blindness?
  • Does Ranitidine increase the risk of certain cancers?
  • Injectafer might cause severe HPP
  • Pradaxa might cause uncontrolled bleeding
  • Is Losartan contaminated?
  • Does Belviq increase the risk of cancer?
  • Does Paraquat cause Parkinson’s disease?
  • Talcum powder might increase your risk of cancer.

Our Lawyers Know How to Hold Pharmaceutical Companies Liable For Dangerous Drugs

Product liability laws demand responsibilities from companies that make, market, and sell drugs. The responsibilities include making sure the drugs are safe for their intended use. A drug that is defective means that it is not safe for its intended use. It might have design defects, manufacturing defects, or labels and warnings that are inaccurate.

As part of the approval process, drug companies must conduct safety tests and trials before seeking approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They must also submit adequate labeling, with information that reflects the possible risks, dangers and side effects of a drug. The FDA relies on this information when it makes its decision to approve the drug or not.

Just because a drug is approved does not mean it is safe. In some cases, pharmaceutical companies provide false or misleading information to the FDA to expedite approval. In other cases, drug manufacturers might not warn of some of the real dangers of the drug or not follow FDA protocols for their labels. Sometimes the FDA forces pharmaceutical companies to recall their defective drugs so they don’t continue to injure victims.

Who Might Be Liable for Injuries Caused by Dangerous Drugs

Once a drug is approved, there are additional duties that exist. For example, the drug must meet certain marketing criteria. Also, doctors and pharmacists must prescribe/sell the drugs according to their intended uses and in the correct doses.

When pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, marketers, distributors or prescribers of drugs breach one of their duties, and people get injured, there might be a legal obligation to pay compensation victims. Many defective drug cases involve legal issues surrounding design flaws, manufacturing defects, improper marketing, or failure to warn.

Our defective drug lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP, know that there are many parties that might be liable when you get injured by a dangerous drug. We have the experience and skill to find the parties and prove their negligence. Our lawyers have the resources to uncover liability at every stage of the drug process and can determine if legal responsibility might rest with any of the following parties:

  • Drug manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Pharmacy
  • Doctor
  • Hospital
  • Testing laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical sales rep

Each of these parties has a variety of duties to ensure the safety of the drugs they work with. If you are injured because a duty was breached, you might be eligible to seek compensation.

What Compensation Might Be Available in Your Dangerous Drug Case?

Like other product liability or personal injury claims, injured victims might be entitled to collect compensation to cover various losses.

Victims of dangerous drugs might be able to receive compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages. If injuries are severe, compensation might include lost future wages and the expenses of future medical treatments and other expected costs associated with long-term care or recovery. When defective drugs cause death, compensation can also include funeral expenses.

In some cases, punitive damages may be available. For example, if a pharmaceutical company deliberately falsified test results or concealed the drug’s dangers, the court might award punitive damages.

Contact Our Defective Drug Lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP, to Learn More About Filing a Claim

No one expects prescribed or OTC medicine to harm them. We all read labels and get an idea of what side effects are common and those that are rare. We understand the risks as they are presented to us. Even then, we hope for the best and assume our drugs will do what they are supposed to and all will be well.

It feels terrible to learn that a drug you trust has been recalled. It is frightening to find out that medication you take to fix a condition, has caused another, more serious illness.

  • Why weren’t you warned?
  • How did the drug get approved if it was dangerous?
  • Was the drug recalled?
  • Could the drug manufacturer have made it safer?
  • Did someone make a mistake that could have been avoided?

If you were injured or someone you love died after taking a recalled drug, or defective drug, call our lawyers today at 800-403-6191 for a free evaluation of your claim.

Our lawyers have experience handling defective drug cases and will be happy to listen to your story. Let us determine if you have a dangerous drug claim and are entitled to seek compensation.

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