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Elmiron Blindness and Eye Injuries: Our Lawyers Are Investigating Claims

Our Lawyers Are Investigating Claims Involving Elmiron

Elmoron BlindnessThere are reports that long term takers of the drug Elmiron may be at risk of blindness. The drug, used to treat bladder conditions, may cause maculopathy, which damages the retina. Maculopathy is one of the most common causes of blindness.

Have you or someone you love taken Elmiron and suffered vision loss or another type of damage to the eye?

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What is Elmiron and What Eye Injuries Does it Cause?

Elmiron is the brand name for the drug Pentosan Polysulphate Sodium. Doctors prescribe it to treat the pain and discomfort that accompanies the bladder disorder “interstitial cystitis.” (IC) Interstitial cystitis is essentially bladder inflammation or other irritation. Elmiron is also a weak blood thinner. The manufacturer or Elmiron is Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Its website lists as possible side effects some of the following conditions:

  • weight gain
  • swelling
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • hair loss
  • rash
  • diarrhea
  • abnormal liver tests
  • headache
  • blood in the stool.

Nowhere does the website mention that taking Elmiron might cause eye injuries including blindness.

Research Connects Elmiron to Blindness

Elmiron Blindness and Eye ExamsResearchers at the Emory School of Medicine discovered in 2018 that taking Elmiron is linked to retina injury that can lead to blindness. They concluded that Elmiron could cause maculopathy.

Maculopathy is a disorder of the part of the retina that is related to accurate vision.

Maculopathy, over time, causes worsening vision and often goes undetected until the damage is evident.  Some signs of maculopathy might include increased difficulty reading, a dark spot in your line of vision, trouble adjusting your eyes to dim lighting, distorted vision, vision loss, blindness.

Ask Yourself: Can I File an Elmiron Lawsuit?

If you took Elmiron and suffered vision loss or vision problems, you might be able to file a lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The same is true if someone you love experienced the same. Drug manufacturers have legal duties, one of which is to warn patients of the dangers of taking their drugs. They also must do what they can to keep the public safe from unnecessary dangers. The failure to warn doctors and patients of severe side effects can result in legal liability for damages they suffer.

In the case of Elmiron, the manufacturer did not warn anyone that taking Elmiron could cause blindness. If you or your loved one became blind or have other eye damage, you might be able to file an Elmiron lawsuit to obtain compensation for the injures caused by this dangerous and defective drug.

Compensation from an Elmiron lawsuit can include payment for medical bills (current and future), pain and suffering, lost income, future income, and emotional distress. You might be able to collect punitive damages in some cases.

Ask some questions: Did you take Elmiron for an extended time? Did someone you love take Elmiron? Did anyone develop eye or vision problems? Did blindness occur during or after taking Elmiron? If you can say “yes” or even “maybe” to these questions are yes, call our dangerous drug lawyers right away to find out if you are eligible to file an Elmiron lawsuit.

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