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Controversial Birth Control leads to Complications and Lawsuits.

Has your intrauterine device (IUD) caused medical complications? Have you needed surgery to remove your IUD? If so, it may be because you had a dangerous Paragard IUD. IUDs can be an effective form of birth control, but in recent years, they have become controversial because of the harm they have caused to many women.

Most women go to their doctor for birth control and trust that they are receiving proper medical advice. When a doctor says something is “safe,” we all tend to believe him or her. What happens when a medical device is not safe, and it harms innocent patients? Victims of defective or dangerous devices can seek remedies through the legal process and try to prove that someone was negligent and caused harm. People file claims against the manufacturers of dangerous drugs and medical devices to obtain monetary damages to pay for things like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Paragard Copper IUD Injuries Reported

Many people have reported severe injuries because of their Paragard Copper IUD. If you are someone who used an IUD that caused injuries or required surgical removal, you might be able to file a claim against the manufacturer. A defective IUD can cause serious injury and must be addressed for the health of the individual.

Our lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP are reviewing cases now for women across the country. Contact our Paragard IUD lawyers for a free evaluation of your claim.

What is the Paragard IUD?

The Paragard is a birth control device that is one of several IUDs on the market. It is a t-shaped device is made of plastic with a copper wire wrapped around it that gets inserted in the uterus. It is made by Teva Pharmaceuticals, which sold the rights to the Paragard to Cooper Industries.

The Paragard is the only IUD approved for use in the US that does not contain hormones. It is, the manufacturer claims, ninety-nine percent effective at preventing pregnancy. How? The copper causes a reaction in the uterus that repels sperm.

All IUDs must be implanted and removed by a doctor.

What is the Appeal of the Paragard IUD?

Women like IUDs because they can prevent pregnancy for years without the hassle and side effects hormone pills or use other forms of birth control. IUDs are advertised as reversible – they can be removed at any time and will not interfere with a woman’s ability to get pregnant. They can stay in the uterus and remain effective for 8-12 years.

Unfortunately, the convenience of using the Paragard IUD (and others) is not always as advertised.

Why are IUD Birth Control Devices Controversial?

Adverse reports about injuries caused by IUDs have been in the headlines recently, shedding light on some of the dangers of using this type of birth control device. Mirena, one of the most popular plastic and hormone IUDs, is at the heart of massive multidistrict litigation against Bayer. Bayer settled thousands of Mirena lawsuits after victims alleged the IUD broke into pieces, perforating the uterus and organs, and caused a build-up of fluids and pressure on the brain. Many of the women who filed lawsuits needed surgery to repair the damage caused by the Mirena IUD.

Adverse reports about the Paragard IUD are similar to those set forth by victims of the Mirena. The following are some of the damaging IUD side effects women have reported:

  • During implantation and removal of the Paragard IUD, it splinters, fractures, or breaks, causing injury to the uterus and surrounding areas
  • During removal, pieces can break, requiring additional surgery to recover the pieces
  • While implanted the IUD can break apart, and pieces can migrate, piercing nearby organs
  • Perforation of the uterus
  • The IUD getting stuck in the uterus, which requires that it be surgically removed.
  • A buildup of fluid and pressure in the brain
  • The need for a total or partial hysterectomy

If you get pregnant while using an IUD, which 1% of IUD users do, the pregnancy will likely be ectopic. What is an ectopic pregnancy? An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus. The fetus cannot develop properly, and the condition can threaten the life of the mother. Becoming pregnant if you have the Paragard IUD can be extremely dangerous and requires immediate medical attention.

Who is Responsible for the Injuries Caused by the Paragard IUD?

When the manufacturer of a drug or medical device fails to warn the public or health care practitioners of the risks and dangers associated with their product and injuries result, the manufacturer can be held responsible.

In the case of the Paragard IUD, Teva Pharmaceuticals is the original maker of the device. Cooper Surgical, part of Cooper Industries, now owns the rights to the Paragard IUD. Some of the following issues may be raised in litigation surrounding the Paragard IUD:

  • Did the manufacturer know the risks associated with the Paragard IUD?
  • Did the manufacturer fail to warn patients of the risks?
  • Should the manufacturer have known about the risks?
  • Did the manufacturer know about but conceal the dangers of the Paragard IUD?
  • Were adequate tests done on the Paragard IUD?
  • Was there a way to make the Paragard IUD safer for women?

If Teva Pharmaceuticals was negligent and caused injuries to women who used the Paragard IUD, it might have to pay significant damages to the victims. Compensation in IUD cases might include money for lost wages, medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

Call Our Birth Control Injury Lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP to Find Out if You Have a Paragard IUD Claim

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