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C-QUR Mesh Lawsuit | C-QUR Mesh Side Effects

C-QUR Mesh Lawsuit

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The C-QUR Mesh, manufactured by Atrium Medical Corporation (AMC), has been associated with serious side effects, including infections, internal injuries, and mesh adhesion. Victims of C-QUR Mesh may have suffered from adverse reactions due to mesh failure. The leading law firm of Alonso Krangle LLP is currently investigating potential C-QUR Mesh lawsuit claims on behalf of individuals who experienced complications from the medical device.

Victims who have been harmed by the C-QUR hernia mesh device have experienced:

  • Adverse reactions to the mesh
  • Mesh adhering to the intestines
  • Internal injuries to nearby organs, nerves or blood vessels
  • Chronic pain
  • Recurring hernia

Alongso Krangle LLP is offering free C-QUR mesh lawsuit evaluations to individuals who suffered side effects from the hernia mesh implant. If you or someone you love have been injured by the hernia repair medical device, please contact the defective medical device lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP for a free C-QUR mesh lawsuit evaluation today and to learn more about the legal options available to you.

What is C-QUR Mesh?

The U.S. Food Drug Administration approved the C-QUR Mesh implant in 2006 for hernia repair, chest wall reconstruction, and repair of surgical wounds. According to AMCs website, C-QUR Mesh uses Atriums polypropylene mesh with an all-natural Omega 3 gel coating, made from trigylcerides and Omega 3 fatty acids. In July 2013, AMC issued a voluntary recall of the hernia repair implants stating that coated C-QUR meshes can adhere to the inner package lining when the device is exposed to excessive humidity for an extended period of time.

Atrium C-QUR Mesh Lawsuits

Court records indicate that hernia and transvaginal mesh lawsuits alleging injuries from the defective medical devices have been filed across the country. A lawsuit was filed in February 2014 in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana on behalf of a Louisiana man who contended that he was injured by an C-QUR mesh implant. According to the hernia mesh lawsuit against AMC, the Louisiana man was 63 years old when he was diagnosed with incarcerated umbilical hernia and received a C-QUR mesh implant in May 2012 to repair the hernia. The mesh complaint states that in February 2013, he experienced some abdominal pain and shortness of breath for three weeks before being admitted to the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of possible ischemic bowel. The hernia mesh lawsuit further states that he had an exploratory laparotomy where it was discovered that the C-QUR mesh was attached to a portion of his small bowel and had caused the bowel to twist. According to the hernia mesh lawsuit, he was admitted to the hospital about a month later after having diarrhea and vomiting something that looked life coffee grounds. The complaint further states that he was diagnosed with numerous gastric ulcers, which the hernia mesh lawsuit attributes to the C-QUR hernia mesh. The C-QUR mesh lawsuit contends that AMC marketed the hernia mesh implant device as safe and effective to use but the defendant knew the product was not safe for its intended purpose and would cause serious medical problems. According to the hernia mesh lawsuit, AMC underreported problems with the C-QUR mesh, failed to perform adequate testing and research on the hernia mesh product, and misled the FDA, patients, the medical community, and the public. (Case No: 2:14-cv-00418)

Legal Help For Victims of C-QUR Hernia Mesh Injuries

If you or someone you love suffered an infection, chronic pain, or another C-QUR hernia mesh side effect of injury, the defective medical device lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP would like to talk with you. For a free C-QUR mesh lawsuit evaluation, please fill out our online form, or call us.