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Defective Hernia Mesh is Causing Injuries and Complications

Hernia repair surgery is common. Patients without complications may get back to their normal routines within weeks. But patients across the country have sustained additional injuries because of the hernia mesh used in these operations. When the use of hernia mesh causes injuries and complications, you may be able to file a lawsuit to collect monetary damages.

If your doctor used hernia mesh and you suffered injuries, consider speaking with our hernia mesh lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP.

Did you need hernia mesh revision surgery? Did you need to have the hernia mesh implant removed? Do you have ongoing pain and medical issues due to the hernia mesh? If, so we can tell you if you qualify for a hernia mesh lawsuit and help collect the compensation the law allows.

Complications from Hernia Mesh are Severe and Painful

There have been adverse reports of injuries and complications from hernia mesh in alarming numbers. Past and current litigation has focused on some of the most common and debilitating injuries caused by hernia mesh implants.

Hernia mesh complications include:

  • Tearing or ripping apart of hernia mesh implants
  • Bowel obstruction caused by hernia mesh blocking the bowel
  • Bodily rejection of hernia mesh, requiring removal
  • Mesh migration caused by hernia mesh breaking away from its intended site causing injury to the abdomen or other parts of the body
  • Perforation of the bowel or nearby organs by hernia mesh
  • Erosion of hernia mesh
  • Adhesion
  • Hernia mesh contraction or erosion
  • Infection
  • Recurrence of hernia

All of these complications can require multiple surgeries, hospitalizations or other medical treatments. Many of these complications could have been avoided. Find out if you can file a claim against the manufacturer of your hernia mesh, the doctor or hospital that provided your medical care. You might be able to collect significant monetary damages to compensate you for the unnecessary pain and suffering caused by defective hernia mesh implants.

Are You Suffering Complications After Hernia Repair Surgery?

If you are not recovering as quickly as you should be, consider whether your hernia mesh implant might be failing. Speak to your doctor right away about any unusual or lingering symptoms. Some documented indications that hernia mesh may be causing a problem include:

  • Severe pain in the abdomen, intestines or in and around the site of your hernia
  • Unexplained fevers
  • Sweating
  • Lingering constipation
  • Continuous diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Chronic pain

Contact your doctor to find out what is causing the delay in your recovery. If he or she determines that hernia mesh is the cause, you may require additional surgeries. Hernia mesh revision surgery can involve removing the implant completely, replacing the hernia mesh, repairing damage to nearby organs and tissue, and tending to the original hernia and any new ones.

Who is Responsible for Your Hernia Mesh Injury?

Manufacturers of medical devices, as well as all consumer products, owe a duty of care to the public. They have a responsibility to ensure that their devices, such as hernia mesh, are safe for their intended use. They must also warn people of the foreseeable risks of using them. When a manufacturer makes a product that causes injuries or fails to warn about known risks, they may be held responsible for breaching a duty of care.

In the case of hernia mesh, manufacturers are facing lawsuits alleging:

Design defects – that the hernia mesh was designed defectively making it unsafe for its intended use

Manufacturing defects – that during the process of making the hernia mesh, something occurred to render it dangerous

Failure to warn – that the manufacturers of hernia mesh did not provide adequate warnings to the medical community or public about the risks and dangers of these medical devices.

Manufacturers of hernia mesh include C.R. Bard, Atrium, Johnson & Johnson, Davol, Ethicon, Gore, and Covidien/Medtronic.

Contact Our Hernia Mesh Lawyers to Find Out if You Qualify

If you have had surgery to treat any type of hernia: inguinal, femoral, abdominal, umbilical, or ventral, your doctor may have used hernia mesh. If you have experienced complications, you should speak with your doctor right away and get treatment for your injuries. Once you talk with medical professionals, you should contact our office.

Alonso Krangle, LLP is an experienced hernia mesh law firm that can review the facts of your case and develop a plan of action to help you collect the maximum amount of damages the law allows. If defective hernia mesh is the root of your injuries, we want to hold the manufacturer responsible. We want to ensure that you have the resources to recover from your injuries and return to your former quality of life.

Time is of the essence. Call us today for a free evaluation of your hernia mesh case. You can reach Alonso Krangle, LLP at 516-350-5555.

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