Nursing Homes Financially Abuse Residents

Nursing Home Financial Abuse

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When we hear or read about nursing home abuse, it is often the stories about physical or sexual abuse that get our attention, and rightfully so. These accounts of sexual assault, beatings, and abuse are horrible, and it is painful to think of caregivers hurting our most vulnerable loved ones. Beyond that, there is also financial abuse in nursing homes.

Financial exploitation of our elders occurs with high frequency both in and out of nursing homes. It might not leave physical scars, but stealing from senior citizens can ruin them financially and put their futures in jeopardy. In nursing homes, in particular, financial abuse often goes hand in hand with emotional and physical abuse.

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy one. When we make this decision, it might be a last resort, albeit a well-researched one, for someone who is no longer to care for themselves. What we don’t expect is for the people we entrust with the care of our family member to take advantage of them.

If you encounter abuse in a nursing home, whether physical, emotional, or financial contact our lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP for help. You might be able to collect monetary damages from the nursing home for any harm your loved one experiences.

What is Nursing Home Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse occurs in a variety of ways. Considering that many nursing home residents are compromised physically and mentally, it is not difficult for a “trusted” staff member to take advantage of someone in their care. It is even easier to exploit an Alzheimer’s patient who is unaware of his or her surroundings or the people with whom they interact.
Financial abuse of nursing home residents often involves forging signatures, draining bank accounts, and stealing valuable property. Caregivers can max out a resident’s credit cards and steal someone’s identity.

It is not easy for a nursing home resident to recognize or report suspected financial abuse. Why? People tend to assume that their memories are incorrect or they are paranoid. Elderly residents might be afraid to report theft or abuse because they are being threatened or physically abused. Nursing home residents are dependent on others and might be hesitant to risk losing their caregivers and their help even if they are being mistreated.

Consider some of the following real-life examples of nursing home financial abuse:

  • An aide stole precious jewelry from a nursing home resident, and when the resident complained, the administration convinced her she never had any jewelry.
  • A caregiver in a nursing home forged a resident’s signature on several checks made out to herself for a total of over $10,000. She was able to do this because the resident thought she was writing her grandchildren birthday checks.
  • An orderly took a nursing home resident’s credit card and purchased thousands of dollars of groceries for his family. He put the card back when he was done, and the resident did not realize it was stolen until her son got the bill. They learned he had a history of taking credit cards from residents at other nursing homes.
  • One nurse convinced a memory-impaired resident to revise his will, leaving all of his property to her instead of his children.
  • One nursing home administrator double billed a resident for years because the resident was told it was expected she pay two times every month.
  • A caregiver forged signatures to take out multiple credit cards in the resident’s name

These acts of financial abuse often occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Fraud and theft are committed by employees, vendors, and even visitors.

What are the Warning Signs Your Loved One Might be a Victim of Financial Abuse?

It may be up to you to be on the lookout for signs that your family member is suffering from abuse. While bruises and scratches can make physical abuse obvious, it may take some digging to realize your loved one is being taken advantage of financially. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Missing personal items such as jewelry, wallets, purses
  • Missing checks
  • Missing checkbooks
  • Your loved one appears to be afraid of someone
  • Bills are piled up and unpaid
  • There are utility or service shutoff notices
  • You don’t recognize the signature on checks
  • Your family member frequently speaks about a specific caregiver’s family problems and financial woes
  • Your loved one is receiving new credit cards or frequent credit card offers
  • When asked, your family member can’t account for missing money or large purchases
  • You are unable to get in touch with administrators or caregivers to ask questions

If you think someone you love is experiencing financial abuse, act immediately. You must notify authorities and the nursing home operator to ensure there is a record of your complaints. Then, consider contacting our attorneys at Alonso Krangle, LLP for help.

Nursing Home Financial Abuse Lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP Help Collect Damages

The nursing home abuse lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP can help you collect damages from the facility that was supposed to keep you, your identity, and your finances free from interference. If the nursing home knew of the financial abuse or should have known about it, the facility may owe you damages for the money you lost and more.

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