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Child Product Liability Injury Lawsuit

Child Product Liability Injury LawsuitFew accidents are more horrific than those that injure a child. Unfortunately, every year, thousands of children sustain serious personal injuries because of defective products, including dangerous toys, nursery products and playground equipment. The Child Product Liability Injury lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP understand how a child’s serious injury can devastate a family, especially one that may have not have happened, save for a defectively designed product.

At Alonso Krangle LLP, our Child Product Liability Injury lawyers have extensive experience fighting for the rights of people injured by defective products, especially injuries to children. Our firm currently offers FREE child product liability injury lawsuit consultations in all 50 states to any family whose child was hurt by a dangerous product. Our child product liability injury lawyers know that no amount of money can truly make up for an injury to a child. But filing a product liability lawsuit against the parties responsible could make your family’s road a little easier by ensuring you obtain the compensation needed to cover your child’s medical bills, rehabilitation, and other needs. To learn more about obtaining justice for your child, please contact the child product liability injury lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP today.

Child Product Liability Injury Lawsuit: Child Injuries from Defective Products

It is easy to assume that because a product was intended to be used by or for a child, it would be designed and manufactured with the utmost care. Sadly, that is not always the case. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), in 2002 an estimated 212,000 emergency room were caused by dangerous and defective toys. Defective cribs kill 26 children every year, and injure more 100,000 others. Some of the most common injuries sustained by children due to defective products include:

  • Lead paint poisoning
  • Choking on small parts
  • Burns and electrical shocks from electronic toys and appliances
  • Injuries and death from cribs, car seats, strollers and other nursery products
  • Injuries from poorly designed clothing (choking on buttons and other small parts, strangulation from drawstrings
  • Strangulations caused by mini blinds, roman shades cords
  • Broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain damage caused by faulty playground and sports equipment
  • Broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain damage and drowning caused by defective swimming pool equipment, such as pool slides
  • Lacerations from toys, furniture and other products that have sharp edges

The manufacturer of a product is responsible for damages stemming from its failure to adequately warn of any potential injury risk the manufacturer knew, or should have known about. The failure to provide adequate instructions on safe use of a product is also the manufacturer’s responsibility. Other parties along the chain of manufacture, including suppliers, can also be held responsible for injuries caused by a defective product.

Learn More About Filing Child Injury Product Liability Lawsuit

If your child was seriously injured because of a defective product, you may be able to file a defective product liability lawsuit seeking compensation from the manufacturer, supplier and others who brought the dangerous childrens toy or childrens item to market. To learn more about the children’s product liability legal options available to you, please contact the product liability lawyers today at Alonso Krangle LLP by filling out our online form or calling us.