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Hair Dyes and Cancer Risk

Permanent hair dyes have been linked to multiple forms of cancer. A study published in the International Journal of Cancer found that hair dye use was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in women.

Similarly, hair dye has also been linked to lymphoma and leukemia. One study found that hair dressers and barbers who frequently use hair dye were at an increased risk for these types of blood cancer.

Semi-permanent hair dyes are not as heavily studied as permanent hair dyes, but they do contain some of the same potentially cancer-causing chemicals. Research is ongoing, but it’s important to take caution and consider the potential risks before using hair dye, whether permanent hair dye or temporary hair dye, especially if it is used frequently or on a long-term basis.

If You Have Developed Cancer After Using Hair Dyes, Contact us For Help

If you have developed cancer after using hair dyes, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney. You may have a claim for compensation for your medical expenses and suffering. Contact us today for a confidential, free consultation, with no risk or obligation at (800) 403-6191.

Chemicals in Hair Dyes – Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

Although we often think of cancer as caused by things we remove from our hair after shampooing, like coloring, the majority of risks come from the dye itself. There are many different colors available on the market, each with their own set of chemicals. Different chemicals pose different risks, and hair dye products often contain chemicals that increase your breast cancer risk, bladder cancer risk, leukemia risk and lymphoma risk factors.

The Cancer Risk is in the Chemicals, Particularly with Permanent Hair Dye

It is important to remember that the concept of coloring hair is not the cancer risk. What creates the risk are the specific chemicals present in the particular hair dye. Different hair dye will contain different chemicals, and knowing what hair dye you have used and understanding chemicals present in those (whether professional hair dyes or personal hair dye products).

Temporary Hair Coloring that is Topical vs. Chemical Hair Color Changes

It is important to understand the interplay of chemicals with permanent hair dye, as opposed to temporary hair dyes with wash-out colors, which are essentially “painted on” the surface of hair (as opposed to chemically changing the hair).

For maximum hair dye safety, permanent dyes should be avoided, as they have a higher breast cancer risk than temporary colors that wash out.

Women already at risk for breast cancer, including those with a history of breast cancer in their family, may be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, as they already have a statistically higher chance of this cancer risk.

Greater Risk in Hair Stylists and Barbers

During dyeing, the chemicals in hair may pass through your hair or skin and enter your body. There are also questions as to whether fumes can carry these chemicals into the body.

In salons, people are exposed to chemical hair dye more frequently than those who engage in personal hair dye use at home, because they come into contact with the chemicals more frequently.

A stylist in a salon, for example, may apply hair dyes to many people each day, every day throughout the month. This significantly increases the exposure (and cancer risk of breast cancer, bladder cancer, Lukemia and Lymphoma.

African American Women May Be Most at Risk

While studies have shown increases in cancer risks across the board, black and white women have different risks. Hair dyed by black women can increase their risk of certain types of cancer by as much as 60%. The use of permanent hair color, even personal permanent hair dye, can result in this increased cancer risk.

However, all individuals using permanent hair dye may be at an increased risk of certain cancers.

Are the carcinogenic risks worth it? When a product acts to raise cancer risk in people, whether breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma or another form of cancer, is the use of hair dye worth it?

If You are Suffering Cancer and Regularly Used Permanent Hair Dye, Contact Us Today

The manufacturers of these products control the chemicals used, and permanent hair dyes contain a variety of harsh chemicals that may increase your risk, whether white or black, whether naturally dark hair or naturally light hair.

If you have regularly used hair dye and are now suffering from cancer, contact us today to discuss your options for legal recourse against the hair dye manufacturer. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering. Do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation. Our team at Alonso Krangle is ready to assist you, help you evaluate your rights and determine next steps to protect you and your family.

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