California Dioceses Announce Compensation Program for Children Victims of Sexual Abuse by Clergy

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Laws across the country enable victims of sexual abuse to come forward, years after the abuse occurred. The Catholic diocese of California has established a claimants fund. The California Independent Compensation Program has been established to help to compensate victims of sexual abuse in the Dioceses of Fresno, Orange, Sacramento, San Diego and San Bernardino, along with victims of abuse from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

an independent oversight committee oversees this program. What is different in this situation is that there is a pool of funds and a process to make a claim outside the scope of the courts. It also addresses concerns over the ability of the church to pay claims for sexual abuse.

Victims of Sexual Abuse in these Diocese Have Choice of Fund Claims or Litigation

Victims may still pursue a claim in court. This program allows survivors of childhood sexual abuse the option of following a different process. They may choose to file a claim in these regions with the fund. With increasing numbers of claims of sexual abuse by priests, this is a useful alternative.

Claims may be brought by those who had claims previously, but were time-barred from pursuing them in court. The claims process is also available to new claimants who had not come forward previously.

This is an entirely voluntary program. Claimants may choose to pursue this path. They may seek a remedy in court. Thus, this program allows sexual abuse victims to file claims in a non-adversarial setting. As a result, this can reduce stress and protects victims privacy.

Remedies for Children Who Are Victims of Abuse by Priests

The goal of programs such as this, as well as laws allowing claimants to bring actions for sexual abuse, is to protect victims. Perpetrators inflicted injury on them when they were minors. They could not defend themselves. Now they can seek closure and justice.

No one should be the victim of abuse at any age. Victims of abuse should not be prevented from holding those individuals responsible. With organizations setting aside funds for victims, and laws in various states protecting the rights of those people, now is the time to take action.  New York has recently enacted laws protecting the rights of those sexually abused as a child.  Similarly, New Jersey offers protection for children sexually abused by the clergy.

For example, the New York Child Victims Act revives the legal right of victims to bring a claim against their assailants. However, there is only a one year window to bring these claims under the New York Child Victims Act, through August of 2020. If you or a loved one was the victim of sexual abuse by a priest, sexual abuse by Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, workers at schools or other organizations, it is imperative that you take action now.

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