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Firm Overview


  • Someone who has been harmed, injured or killed by another;
  • Someone who has been affected by a bad situation;
  • Someone who has suffered as a result of the actions of someone else.

With nearly 40 years of collective experience, Andres Alonso and David Krangle have spent their entire careers fighting for the rights of injured victims. Whether a victim at the hands of another individual’s negligence or by corporate carelessness, they understand what it takes to represent victims during this most difficult time.

Our focus will be not only getting maximum compensation for injuries suffered but spending the countless hours speaking with and more importantly listening to what our clients are going through. By working at a big law firm for over 13 years together, we have gathered the experience necessary to represent all types of victims of negligence and fraud.

By forming Alonso Krangle, we have created a place where not only can we use the invaluable experience and knowledge of a bigger firm, but focus on the personal attention that only a smaller firm can accomplish.

We understand what it takes and want to help. Contact us today!