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The False Claims Act is also called “the Lincoln Law” or the “FCA.” It was originally signed in 1863 by President Lincoln. It was enacted during the civil war to hold suppliers and contractors accountable for defrauding the government by providing substandard goods to troops.

The FCA has evolved since then, but one of its most important provisions is still very much intact.

The FCA contains whistleblower and “qui tam” sections. The FCA allows and even encourages individuals to file lawsuits against entities defrauding the government

What is a Qui-Tam Lawsuit?

Essentially, any individual or non-government entity with evidence that fraudulent activity is costing the government money can file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer. The Plaintiff, who brings the lawsuit, files it on behalf of the government, although the government can join the lawsuit.

The party that brings the lawsuit is entitled to collect a significant portion of the money awarded to the government in a successful qui-tam claim. Usually, the amount is between 15 and 30 percent of a settlement or court award.

FCA also Provides Protection for Whistleblowers

Because many people who bring qui tam claims are employees or former employees of the entity committing fraud, the FCA provides additional protection to them.

The FCA states that any “employee who is discharged, demoted, harassed, or otherwise discriminated against because of lawful acts by the employee in furtherance of an action under the Act is entitled to all relief necessary to make the employee whole.”

Relief can include reinstatement to a former job or double back pay. There are other laws that prevent wrongful discharge and retaliation that might also help qui-tam plaintiffs collect damages.

Employees Report That Employers Violate the FCA in Various Ways

There are some actions that commonly violate the FCA and are the subject of many qui-tam lawsuits. They often include some of the following:

  • Fraudulently seeking government contracts
  • Submitting false applications for loans or grants or payments from the government
  • Overcharging the government
  • Charging the government for work not completed
  • Using materials or goods or performing services in violation of a government contract or law
  • Paying the government less than owed

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It is important that you have representation when considering filing a qui-tam claim. Why? Because the FCA is complicated. There are specific timelines, notice requirements, and procedures that must be followed.

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