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Claiming Damages from Food Poisoning : Hello Fresh Recall Leads to Lawsuits

The US’s food supply is considered one of the safest in the world – but 1 in every 6 Americans get sick from foodborne illnesses every year. While most restaurants and fast-food chains adhere to food safety guidelines, there are still some instances when something happens, and contaminated food gets sent to or eaten by a customer.

Just recently, HelloFresh, a meal-kit delivery business, recalled their meal kits because they were possibly contaminated with Salmonella. They were distributed from May 8, 2020, to July 31, 2020, within the entire country.

The onions were believed to be the cause of the Newport Salmonella outbreak, which has caused 869 illnesses and 116 hospitalizations across the US.

HelloFresh has since cut ties with its supplier, Thomson International, Inc., but the CDC maintains that if you have any foods made with the recalled onions, do not eat them, and throw them away.

The company also says that “In the event that the onions have been consumed, please note that thoroughly cooking the product to 165ºF/74ºC, as instructed on the recipe, will kill the salmonella bacteria.”

Even with the possibility of killing the bacteria in high temperatures, food poisoning is still a possibility. Injuries arising from food poisoning can get serious and can cause huge medical bills. When this happens, people usually ask for help from lawyers to file food poisoning lawsuits.

Is Food Poisoning Common?

Food poisoning might be more common than you think. Remember, roughly 16% of all Americans get sick due to food every year. No matter how careful we try to be when preparing our food, something bad may happen. There is always a chance of getting sick because of someone’s carelessness. Like the HelloFresh onion recall, there can also be instances when someone else’s negligence can cause personal injury because of food poisoning.

Some examples of situations where food poisoning might be possible are grocery stores selling spoiled food, manufacturers distributing contaminated food that is not up to health standards, caterers who may negligently serve spoiled salads, and purchasing food after recalls.

When food mishandling occurs, someone probably did not follow health standards on food safety. Negligence in preparing and manufacturing food can cause serious injuries to another person – especially if ingested by a customer, client of hundreds of innocent victims across the country.

What Can You Do If You Get Sick Because of Consuming Bad Food in New York?

Negligence of another in preparing food can cause injury to you. This is why the food industry sets high standards for food safety. The general public will be at risk if mishandling occurs and causes a food poisoning outbreak.

If you get sick after consuming food, always make sure you keep records. Document as much as you can. What can you do?

  • Collect food receipts from food stalls or restaurants that you have eaten at
  • Check if you have taken photos of your food before consuming it
  • If you have been to a wedding or an event, get the caterer’s name and contact information
  • Make a list of everything you ate or drank during the 24 hours before feeling food poisoning symptoms
  • If you had food or meal kits delivered, keep a copy of the receipts
  • Document your symptoms, if possible
  • If you have been brought to a hospital, obtain a copy of your medical records
  • Keep a record of all your medicine

Having documents to back up your claims of possible food poisoning can help if you decide to file a legal action. Once you can, remember to back up these documents digitally, so you always have copies if physical receipts get lost.

Contacting Our Lawyers Helping Victims of Food Poisoning

If you need help claiming damages from huge corporations or companies that might have been negligent in manufacturing or preparing your food, call our dedicated lawyers.

Our lawyers have the experience to help you claim monetary damages if someone has injured you because of their negligence in preparing food. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of personal injury victims due to food poisoning and believe in protecting the health and safety of our clients.

Our food poisoning and personal injury lawyers at Alonso Krangle, LLP, can help you collect damages if you suffered injuries due to food poisoning negligence. Call us today at 800-403-6191 to schedule a free consultation and find out how our New York food poisoning lawyers can help you obtain the damages you deserve.